Ōbi vs. Benimaru
Chapter 42
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Chapter Info
Japanese 桜備vs.紅丸
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 42
Pages 20
Volume Sparks of Truth
Release Info
Japan August 3, 2016
No new characters
Iai Hand-Sword: Seventh Form

Ōbi vs. Benimaru (桜備vs.紅丸, Ōbi vs. Benimaru) is the forty-second chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Plot Edit

As Benimaru decides not to listen to Akitaru's words, Akitaru prepares himself with a shield, and goes in for the attack, but is pushed back by multiple fire-ball shots from the 7th Commander. Blocked by the fire-resistant shield, Akitaru swings it at him, but Benimaru uses it as a stepping stone to successfully kick Akitaru in the face. Akitaru quickly grabs onto him, but Benimaru reacts by punching him with a fiery fist, sending Akitaru backwards. As the 8th Commander looks up in pain, multiple ignited matois are directed and forward at him, but he manages to block the explosion with the shield, to which he throws away after becoming unusable. Akitaru reaches inside his jacket, and throws a Fire Fighting Grenade at Benimaru's feet, dispelling a white fog, troubling Benimaru's sight. As Akitaru swiftly pushes through the mist to attack, he is kicked by the 7th Commander, and blown backwards by an attack to the stomach. Akitaru pursues in his attempt to confuse Benimaru with the grenades, but is ultimately countered every time. As an injured Akitaru lay on the ground, Benimaru atop of him, the 8th Commander headbutts Benimaru, stating he can't give up as long as he's the 8th Brigade Battalion Commander. The bystanders surprised and astounded by the fact that a non-ability user confronting someone with Third and Second Generation abilities. The other members of both brigades look upon the confrontation, trying to come up with some way to separate them. As the two Commanders continue swapping blows, a member of the White Hoods appears in a narrow street behind the bystanders, holding a bottle with a Bug inside. Benimaru becomes frustrated by the Commander's unbreakable resolve, and prepares his final attack, The Sun.

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