Kanji 119 (119, ワンワンニャイン)
Rōmaji Wan Wan Nyain
Professional Status
Affiliation The Fire Defense Agency
Status Active
Manga Rookie Fire Soldier Games

119 (119, ワンワンニャイン, Wan Wan Nyain) is a collective team-name for the mascots of The Fire Defense Agency.

Overview Edit

119 is a mascot team, made up of two dogs and a cat, which are affiliated with The Fire Defense Agency. They made an appearance and represented The Fire Defense Agency at the Rookie Fire Soldier Games.

Trivia Edit

  • The pronunciation of 119 (ワンワンニャイン, Wan Wan Nyain) is a pun on the onomatopoeia for "woof woof meow", given that there are two dogs and a cat on the team.
  • When the name is arranged backwards to 911, it's the phone number to contact the police used in multiple countries.

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