Two-On-Two Death Match
Chapter 47
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Japanese 二対二の死闘
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 47
Pages 19
Release Info
Japan September 14, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

Two-On-Two Death Match (二対二の死闘, Ni Tai Ni no Shitō) is the forty-seventh chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Plot Edit

Shinra and Arthur devise a plan to attack the White Hoods, and after running into each other by accident, prepare their duo-attack, managing to get a few hits on Haran, but the Sniper intervenes, making it harder for the fire officers. Arthur corners the Sniper with his Excalibur, but Haran jumps in, having been critically hit by Excalibur, to which he tells the Arrow to retreat. As a last resort, Haran pulls a Bug from his pocket, and eats it, saying Asakusa is the place where all the power is gathered, and that it wouldn't be a strange for a demon to appear here, to which he starts transforming into a Demon Flame Human, to which even Arrow was shocked. At the 7th Special Fire Fighting Station, Konro finally spots Benimaru flying on his matoi, to which they begin trading information about the attack on Asakusa. Benimaru tells Konro that the people are looking for him to lead and tell them what to do, but Konro states Benimaru is the true leader and he should be the one to do it. A bystander shouts out to Konro asking for his help, but then asks where Benimaru is, to which Shinmon realizes his duty. Looking out to the destruction of Asakusa, Benimaru says he shall bring destruction upon the White Hoods.

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