A Composite Fire Soldier Enraged
Chapter 41
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Chapter Info
Japanese 怒りの煉合消防官
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 41
Pages 20
Volume Sparks of Truth
Release Info
Japan July 27, 2016
English August 22, 2017
No new characters
Fire MoonIai Hand-Sword: First Form

A Composite Fire Soldier Enraged (怒りの煉合消防官, Ikari no Rengou Shōbōkan) is the forty-first chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

As Company 8 begin to settle into Asakusa and company of the 7th Special Fire Brigade, a loud explosion is heard from a distance. Akitaru and Takehisa are seen sprinting away from the explosion, toward the others, with an infuriated Benimaru following them, attacking them relentlessly with miscellaneous ignited objects. As the 7th Commander accuses the two of admitting to turning Kantarō into a Flame Human and wanting to create other artificial Flame Humans, they continually defy his claims. To everybody's unawareness, two members of the White Hoods stand atop a roof, with an identical appearance to Akitaru and Takehisa, and preparing for their next move, after successfully tricking Benimaru into thinking it was actually Akitaru and Takehisa who said it. Benimaru continues his ruthless attack, but Maki intervenes and fights back, though to no avail. Takehisa then fires his gun, but the Commander redirects the bullets with ease. Arthur attempts to attack with Excalibur, but Benimaru jumps to the air to escape, and lands using his Fire Moon, injuring all the 8th members in the area. As they all lay defeated, a fully-equipped Akitaru walks toward Benimaru assertively, preparing to take him on.

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