A Piercing Will
Chapter 76
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Japanese 貫く意志
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 76
Pages 18
No new characters
Penguin Helmet

A Piercing Will (貫く意志, Tsuranuku Ishi) is the seventy-sixth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

As Tamaki and Iris venture through the Netherworld after defeating Assault, they come across two paths, leaving them unsure of which to take. Sensing a dark aura coming from the left path, they soon encounter what seems to be demonic eyes floating in the blackness of the Nether, but it turns out to be Maki and her floating Pusu Pusu and Mera Mera. The duo feel safe and cheer at her presence, deciding to take the right path since Maki came from the left, in hope that they can re-assemble with the rest of the 8th. In the meantime, after Vulcan timely caught Lisa from falling, she miserably struggles back toward Giovanni, apologising to Vulcan for not staying with him. But suddenly, Giovanni wraps her neck with a hot wire, causing her neck to burn and the hair that was caught to burn off. Threatening to kill her, Giovanni dashes a gun toward Vulcan, ordering him to do as he says, and kill Akitaru, or he'll kill Lisa. Confused and upset, Vulcan calls him wicked. He picks up the gun, and Akitaru tells him to shoot, so that Lisa doesn't die. In a flashback, at the Special Fire Cathedral 8, Vulcan is displaying his new creations to Akitaru. Vulcan says that he joined the 8th so that he could meet with Lisa again and get her back, but because he joined the 8th, he wants to protect its members. Back to the present, Vulcan has to make a choice. He shoots Akitaru, leaving him flat on the train tracks. Laughing like a crazy man, Giovanni is shocked he actually shot his friend over a girl, and ends up throwing Lisa on the floor. But without haste, Akitaru gets up, and force-ably pulls up the train tracks with his strength alone, leaving Giovanni stunned and having to avoid the wave of train tracks heading his way. Mockingly, Akitaru asks Giovanni if he wants to know how he survived, but blurts out that he won't tell him. Immediately after, Vulcan tells him that the coat he's wearing is anti-concussive, and apologises to Akitaru afterwards. Getting serious again, the Batallion Commander claims that the 8th have trust in each other. Maddened, Giovanni unveils a horde of mechanics under his long white cloak, preparing his attack. Vulcan retaliates, and dashes toward him with a mechanism of his own: a penguin-themed helmet that with fire boosters, and headbutts Giovanni in the centre of his chest, leaving him heavily damaged.

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