After that Sniper!
Chapter 46
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Japanese 狙撃手を追え!
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 46
Pages 20
Release Info
Japan September 7, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

After that Sniper! (狙撃手を追え!, Sogekishu wo oe!) is the forty-sixth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Plot Edit

The citizens of Asakusa continue to flee from the terrors of the flames and the numerous births of Flame Humans. Benimaru, confused and unsure of how to handle the situation, asks himself what Konro would do in such a time. In the skies, Shinra is overseeing the chaos, and is suddenly attacked by the Sniper's arrows, but swiftly dodges it, making it land near some bystanders, to which Shinra speeds up his attempt to find the Sniper. As he and Arthur continue to pursuit the cloaked figure, Shinra comes to close quarters with the Sniper, and is attacked a second time by the flaming arrow, falling heavily onto a roof. Before he has time to react, the Sniper fires off another, but he quickly jumps to the air, and thrusts towards the Sniper who is escaping on the ground. Purposely drawn into that position, another white hood member climbs the roof and attacks Shinra with a double-sided knife, but Shinra blocks it in time, though is held locked down by the white hood member so that the Sniper can fire off a direct shot. As the Sniper fires off the shot, Arthur deflects it with his Excalibur, surprising the Sniper that someone could deflect her arrows. Shinra kicks away the white hooded member, and both groups regather. Shinra questions their relationship with the Preacher, but without hesitation, the white hood member jumps toward Arthur with his cloak in the air, preventing the fire officers form seeing anything behind. Shinra shouts at Arthur, letting him know that the arrow is coming from behind, and he successfully deflects it. The Sniper acknowledges Excalibur for it powerful will of fire, being able to deflect the arrows. Shinra and Arthur continue to fight the white hood member on close-combat while the Sniper fires her arrows, and the two fire officers seem only to annoy each other throughout the fight. Understanding that normal arrows won't work anymore, the Sniper instead used her explosive arrows, cornering both Arthur and Shinra and causing a cloud of smoke. Jumping out of the smoke, the white hood member tries to attack Arthur, but Shinra uses Arthur as a pedestal to successfully kick him in the face. Both teams separated, the fire officers realise that they're up against tough opponents, and come to the conclusion that they will need to work together to beat them.

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