The Pride of Asakusa
Chapter 48
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Chapter Info
Japanese 浅草の誇り
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 48
Pages 19
Release Info
Japan September 21, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

The Pride of Asakusa (浅草の誇り, Asakusa no Hokori) is the forty-eighth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Plot Edit

While the people of Asakusa are still in disarray, Benimaru Shinmon steps up to take lead, climbing to the apex of the 7th Special Fire Fighting Station. As Jonah laughs joyfully at the sight of the destruction, a loud bang is heard from afar. Benimaru is then seen in the sky, using a huge skyscraper as a flying object. Breathing in to find his voice, he finally lets out a loud yell, reaching everybody's ears successfully, and alerting them of the enemies acting as disguises, and confusing everyone. With everybody cheering him on, the attitudes of the citizens instantly changed, and they fought against the disguised foes by literally fighting their clones, as per Benimaru's orders. Akitaru spots Konro's expression, noting how happy he looks to see Benimaru finally realise his potential as leader. Benimaru then identifies the Demon Flame Human from afar, and charges toward it. In the streets of Asakusa, Arthur and Shinra note that this isn't a regular Flame Human. It rushes towards Arthur, and though he tried to stop it, was overpowered and knocked into a building. When the demon rushed past Shinra, he looked down at his feet in terror, to see that they had warped into black skeletal bones, throwing him into a confused state.As he fell to the ground laughing sadisticly, Arrow walked up to him, stating he has the Adora Link and that he shouldn't be in the Special Fire Force. As Shinra questions her, she goes on to say that his flames are the flames that will destroy the world. Shinra is left speechless, and Arthur flies through the sky, shouting at Shinra for help. Before the Demon Flame Human could attack, it was hit by a large fireball, to which Benimaru appears on the scene, saying that he will be its opponent.

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