Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Kanji 灰焔騎士団
Rōmaji Kaien Kishidan
Other Name(s) White Hoods (白頭巾, Shiro Zukin)
Professional Status
Affiliation Preacher
Base of Operations Netherworld
Status Active
Manga Scorching Malice

The Ash Flame Chivalric Order (灰焔騎士団, Kaien Kishidan), publicly called the White Hoods (白頭巾, Shiro Zukin), is a cult under the guidance of the Preacher, creating artificial Infernals, and seeking the Adora Burst.

Appearance Edit

The White Hoods have two different uniforms. The most common among them, is a white burqa-type mask that conceals their face, a large white cape with the cross of the Sol God symbol, as well as a white shoulder-guard, a dark jumper with the same cross-insignia on it, white gloves, a jagged belt around their waist that holds up their white trousers that have a thick dark line going across the thigh area, and seemingly go all the way down to their feet, covering them. Some members of the group instead don a white cloak that covers their shoulders and has a hood.

History Edit

The White Hoods were responsible for the mass Infernal outbreak in Asakusa, in the Year 194. The following year, a member of the White Hoods turned into an Infernal and the newly formed Company 8 responded to handle the situation. A red cross was left at the scene, which was quickly taken by a company operating in Asakusa.

Plot Edit

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

One of the White Hoods appears overlooking the scene of Shinra Kusakabe and Rekka Hoshimiya's fight, along with a comrade on a rooftop. Following Rekka's capture, the archer takes aim at him with his Ignition Ability, and fires an arrow at Rekka's chest, killing him in the process. Turning their attention towards the other Fire Officers, the person attempts to impale Karim Fulham, but manages to sever Foien Li's arm instead. Unable to visually locate the Fire Officers, and having their position exposed, the two retreat, having accomplished their objective, commenting that the "Nativity Flame Festival" has begun throughout Tokyo.

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

The Ash Flame Chivalric Order appeared along with Shō Kusakabe in their secret headquarters.

Asakusa arc Edit

After discovering the Special Fire Force Company 8 are visiting the 7th Company in Asakusa, the White Hoods prepared an attack on the town like the one they carried out two years ago. Without either Fire Company noticing, Jonah used his Ignition Ability to spread doppelgängers and confusion throughout Asakusa. This included manipulating Benimaru Shinmon into attacking Company 8, before quickly escalating into a district-wide problem. Later, once Arrow set the Bugs loose in the district, countless people became artificial Infernals and the citizens begin to fight amongst themselves. Arrow then decided to focus her attacks on Company 8, however her opening volley misses Maki and Tamaki recognises the attack the style of attack that killed Hoshimiya. Arrow fires a second attack, but Maki uses her Second Generation abilities to minimise the damage and Shinra takes to the air to find Arrow with Arthur Boyle in hot pursuit. Arrow manages to catch Shinra by surprise and draws him into a close range duel with Haran. The two duos fought, resulting in Haran choosing to become a Demon Infernal himself and Arrow withdraws, noticing Shinra possessed the Adolla Link.

The tide quickly turned against the Order when Benimaru took control of the situation and intervened with battle against Haran, finally defeating. Arrow and Jonah returned to their base to inform their leader of Haran's death and transformation into a demon and that he formed an Adora Link with Shinra Kusakabe. Shō states that he will go on the attack next time. According to Lieutenant Hinawa, during the chaos, the White Hoods destroyed the company they were seemingly affiliated with. Therefore leaving no evidence of their involvement behind.

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Vulcan's Workshop came under attack by Flail and Mirage after Dr. Giovanni failed to convince Vulcan to join Fire Force Company 3.[1] The pair shed their Fire Force uniforms and dawned their White Hood robes.[2] The pair created an illusion of an army to intimidate those within the Workshop while Giovanni conformed Shinra in the nearby woods with the intention of capturing him for the Preacher.[3] While Shinra is eventually outmanoeuvered and subdued,[4] Vulcan is able to temporarily increase Arthur's power through exploiting his imagination, temporary dispelling Mirage's illusionary army.

Mirage is quickly able to break Arthur's emersion in his knightly fantasy and Flail beings to fight with the boy on an even keel.[5] While the fight rages on outside and Giovanni makes his way into the Workshop, the Order's hidden agent, Feeler, strikes. Betraying Vulcan and attempting to steal the Key to Amaterasu.[6] Meanwhile, the minor members assigned to take the unconscious Shinra away are intercepted by Princess Hibana, who frees The Devil's Footprints.[7]

While Giovanni attempts to find the Key by threatening Vulcan and and destroying Vulcan's inventions, Shinra rushes through Mirage and Flail's defence and clashes with Giovanni seconds after the Doctor locates the Key of Amaterasu.[8] Outside, Hibana casually disperses Mirage's projections and places the pair (and Arthur) under intense pressure to prevent them from moving. Inside, through mixture of speed, Vulcan's technology and Iris' intervention, Shinra is able to overwhelm Giovanni and force him through a wall. Chasing the Doctor outside, Shinra comes face to face with Shō and Arrow.

Through his mysterious ability, Shō makes quick work of Shinra, Arthur and Hibana. Shō plans on taking Shinra to the Preacher and he is only stopped by the timely intervention of Victor Licht and Joker. The group leader duels the smoking man while the members of Company 8 escape. After Joker leaves, Shō decides to leave as the Order achieved their main objective and intends to give the Key to the Preacher.

Netherworld arc Edit

Through Licht's research and analysis[9], Company 8 discovers that the Ash Flame Chivalric Order is based in within the Neverworld, most likely close to Yotsuya, and launch an offensive on the Order.[10] Through a combination of Johan's duplicates and Mirage's mist, the Order is able to divide the 8th Company. Hinawa is dropped through a trapdoor, Licht is dragged away which causes Shinra to chase after him, Iris is grabbed by two different Tamakis and the trio are order by an illusion of the Captain Ōbi to flee in a certain direction. The real Ōbi and Vulcan remain in place and the ground gives in under Maki, trapping her on a lower level. Having divided there foes, Shō order his followers to destroy them, starting with the weakest.[11] Assault confronts Tamaki and Iris, Flail and a group of followers approach Maki, Feeler and Giovanni advance on Ōbi and Vulcan and Arrow opens fire on the unsuspecting Hinawa.

While he is initially successful in his offence, Assault and Tamaki are caught in a string of embarrassing events due to her Lucky Lecher Lure. His confusion leaves Assault open to a surprise attack by Sister Iris, providing the nun and the enraged Tamaki the opportunity to beat him into submission with their combined efforts.[12] Likewise, Flail and his men are defeated quickly by Maki's overwhelming combat ability and her newly forged Iron Owls. [13]

Arrow's extended duel with Hinawa pushes him to the brink of collapse. Her excellent vision and explosive power give her a noticeable advantage at long range, forcing Hinawa into attempting to get closer, which leads him into a trap and severely wounds him. However, his desperation forces Hinawa to use extended barrels for his shotgun, forcing the fired pellets into the same direction at a greatly accelerated speed and magnified force. Despite matching her attack power (with the observing Johan and Mirage comparing both Arrow and Hinawa to tanks), Arrow remains standing and returns fire. After a violent, rapid exchange both snipers are blown to the ground exhausted.[14] Although Arrow is able to rise to her feet first and readies her next attack, Hinawa manages to lure her into a trap by activating his uniform's luminescent stripes. Arrow fires and Hinawa siphons the strength of her attack to further increase his own attack power. Arrow is consumed by his Bullet Speed Rampage, while she is defeated her fate is currently unknown.[15]

Hinawa is then accosted by Johan and Mirage who plan on killing him while he is helpless following his battle with Arrow. Although their attempt is foiled by Arthur. Johan flees while Mirage engages Arthur in his Mist. Mirage's heat illusions prove ineffective as Aruthr's recent hyper-awareness training with Company 8 although him to sense which attacks are mere diversions. While masking his movements with the mist and an army of doubles, Mirage attempts to attack the defenceless Hinawa from behind but Arthur reacts to his killer intentions and cuts through the mist and Mirage himself.[16]

Trivia Edit

  • In reality, Yotsuya Station is part of Japan's train system. Yotsuya Station is also close to St. Ignatius Church, a Catholic Church. This might be a reference to the Holy Sol Temple having a Christian inspiration in terms of design.

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