Chapter 72
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Chapter Info
Japanese 弾丸の行方
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 72
Pages 18
No new characters
No new techniques

Ballistics (弾丸の行方, Dangan no Yukue) is the seventy-second chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Shinra paces through the Netherworld trying to find Licht, and eventually finds him being held hostage by a White Hood. Licht calls out for help, telling him to use the rapid technique. Before realizing, Shinra's feet were planted in the White Hood's face, and was left defeated, displaying Shinra's speed. After, they hear gun shots from afar, realizing that the others are also fighting against the White Hoods, and so the duo state that they can't hold back either. Elsewhere, shots are being off sporadically, as Hinawa and Arrow continue their long-distance battle. Takehisa takes note that he's in a dark spot, meaning Arrow's eyesight must be amazing. Hinawa is yet to hit Arrow yet. He makes a move into an old train, and makes his way toward Arrow's location. But before long, Arrow fires off an arrow toward the train, leaving Hinawa damaged as he attempts to jump out the window. Hinawa sits beside a pillar; and with his glasses destroyed, he can barely see. A black silhouette appears in the mist caused by the mass of explosions, and what seems to be his old friend, but Hinawa, strong-minded, is not fooled by this, and instead feels better after seeing his face. Preparing his final attack, he pulls out four large shotgun barrels, declaring he's about to make the fight overheat.

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