Romaji Mushi
Manga Debut After that Suspect!

The Bug (蟲, Mushi) is an organism that is used by the Ash Flame Chivalric Order to create artificial Infernals.

Background Edit

The exact origins of the Bugs are unknown. However, Giovanni implies that the insects originate from the world of the Adolla, as they have a spark of the Adolla Burst inside them and are attracted to such flames; in a similar fashion to how moths are attracted light. He also implies that they trying to return to their original world.

Usage Edit

Rekka Hoshimiya stored his bugs in glass vials, removing the lid and pressing the vial into the person he wishes it to sting. This also allowed him to detect the Adolla Burst inside Shinra Kusakabe by observing how the insect reacted to his presences.

Haran ingested a Bug during the battle with Asakusa, transforming himself into a Demon Infernal. Another member of the order allowed a Bug to turn him into an Infernal as a means of escaping interrogation.

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