Burst with Pride
Chapter 73
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Chapter Info
Japanese 誇りを纏って
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 73
Pages 18
No new characters
Bullet Speed Rampage

Burst with Pride (誇りを纏って, Hokori wo Matotte) is the seventy-third chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Stunned by Hinawa's raw power, Mirage and Jonah tread their steps as they watch the Captain and White Hood fight it out. Elsewhere, Shinra cleans up fighting against some grunt White Hood members. Victor Licht is happy to see Shinra improving in his fire abilities, and Shinra recollects how Benimaru taught him about the science equation 'Kinetic energy = 1/2 × mass × speed2', meaning Shinra understands that his attacks will be more powerful the faster he is. Licht relates this to Captain Hinawa, who is able to shoot off extremely powerful blasts as a Second Generation, commenting he has the power of a war tank. Back at the confrontation, Hinawa is seen firing explosive shots at Arrow, so powerful it breaks his barrel each time he fires a shot. Jonah begins to worry for Arrow's safety, but she comes out strong, firing off shots of her own, hitting Hinawa, but at the same time, he shoots at her. Jonah comments that they are fighting a full-out brutal showdown, where they're both getting hit, so it's a matter of who falls first. Exhausted and hurt, Hinawa begins to think about how Arrow is doing, to which she still stands, preparing another arrow, saying she is always prepared to die. Hinawa, on the ground, grabs his 8th patch on the left side of his arm, gaining the confidence to stand back up and prepare his final shot. Faded out like a black silhouette, Hinawa says that the reason he hasn't ended her yet, is because he hasn't activated the emblem on the left of his shoulder. He then takes aim, with a glowing eye and a glowing patch, Arrow first fires her arrow, and Hinawa makes a destructive blow, blowing back Arrow and leaving her defeated. The shot is so powerful that it continues past her down the pathway, destroying everything in its way. Hinawa sits, leaning on a pillar, exhausted, and spots the two White Hoods walking toward him, but he isn't scared. Mirage pulls out a knife, but Hinawa quickly flicks a bullet through Mirage's head, only to reveal it was a clone. But the bullet hits the ceiling, causing it to fall. As they prepare to kill Hinawa, a pony-tailed head pops out of the bricks.

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