Chapter 18
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Chapter Info
Japanese 激突
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 5 arc
Chapter 18
Pages 18
Volume The Hero and The Princess
Release Info
Japan February 10, 2016
No new characters
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Clash (激突, Gekitotsu) is the eighteenth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.


Enraged by Shinra's gimmicks, Princess Hibana unleashes her Ignition Ability, cutting and making him dizzy in the process. Shinra struggles to fight back due to the dizziness, and Hibana continues her assault on him. Iris begs for her to stop, though Hibana points out that if she wants her to stop, she should be praying to her phony god. Hibana goes on to speak about her ideal of true salvation, using other people for personal gain, looking down at the flock while you thrive, referring to her personal experience of all the sisters of The Holy Sol Temple burned, falling to the phenomenon, while Iris and Hibana were salvaged. Reminiscing, Hibana recalls herself being the only sister within the temple to not be enthusiastic about the religion and praying countless times everyday, and despite this, she was saved from being burned while the other sisters fell to the phenomenon, and all she felt was powerful to have survived. As Shinra gets up and speaks of his relation to her past of the flames, Hibana claims that heroes don't exist in this world. Hibana attacks him with a gale of flames, but Shinra remains firm-footed and claims that he will become a hero for Hibana's sake, much to her shock. Declaring that he'll beat her for her own sake, Hibana tries to mock Shinra and his goal of becoming a hero, saying they don't exist, but Shinra retaliates with a determined punch, shouting that he'll become a hero for her sake, landing a heavy blow to her face.

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