Chapter 77
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Japanese 繋がる者
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 77
Pages 18
Release Info
Japan 26 April 2017
No new characters
No new techniques

Connected (繋がる者, Tsunagaru Mono) is the seventy-seventh chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Giovanni is blown back from Vulcan's Penguin Helmet, and a bunch of mechanical objects hidden within his cape are destroyed. Giovanni praises Vulcan's attempt as he is someone without any abilities, and Akitaru makes his move, picking up the rail-track and running toward Giovanni. Attacking him with the ladder, Akitaru demands to know who the Preacher really is, with Giovanni saying that humans are nothing more than energy, and they should burn to become part of the star. Akitaru heroically smashes the rail-track into the ground for form a ladder, climbs up and jumps down to elbow Giovanni in the face, dealing a critical hit- but is then launched back from one of his mechanics throwing him off. Giovanni explains that people without abilities such as Akitaru will never understand, leading him to think about Shinra, who is currently leaning over and breathing heavily, Licht confused at what's happening to the boy. He then realizes that Shinra is going through the motions of the Adora Link, with a face as if he wanted to dissect the boy. Shinra is then seen in a place surrounded by burning bones similar to that of a Flame Human, and a strange model of himself above him, drooling on him from his mouth and eyes. While he questions where he is, a strange black, demonic-being sprouts out from the ground, horns growing from its eye-sockets and with a uneasy smile on its face, grabs the smiling Shinra by the face. A white ring is then seen in a pitch-black background, with more light at the bottom of the circle than anywhere else. Shinra's mother appears, calling his name, and is then seeing burned alive by flames. A Devil Flame Human emerges from the flames, the same as the one from the day Shinra's mother died, and Shinra looks at it afraid, with that same white ring in his eyes as if it were his pupil. Suddenly, Leonardo is then seen holding Shinra's hand as his house is burned down. Flames emerge from Leonardo's eyes, and a Flame Human appears, slashing across Sōichirō Arg's face as he stands with his tongue hanging out surrounded by those same burning pitch-black bones. A baby Shō appears, sitting alone, with black energy sprouting from beneath him. A five-year old Shinra, cape around his neck, sees him and bends down, Shō grabbing his nose and making the pair laugh. The ring appears from above them, and a hand reaches down slowly toward the pair. Finally, Shinra wakes up, sweating and confused. He looks down, only to see black footprints sizzling on the ground. The Devil's Footprints. Licht asks if he's okay, and Shinra responds, saying that his little brother is close.

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