Crimson Moon
Crimson Moon
Kanji 紅月
Romaji Akatsuki
Technique Info
Classification Offensive
Range Medium
Manga For Whom The Flame Burns

Crimson Moon (紅月, Akatsuki) is a Third Generation technique. Using an incredible amount of firepower, the user fires a huge fireball at his opponent; creating an explosion which resembles a red moon.

Trivia Edit

  • The author has created an illusion of the name of this technique. "紅", which is pronounced "akai" and not "aka", means crimson/deep red, and is the first kanji of Benimaru's name. When it is written next to "月" which means "tsuki", it creates the word "akaitsuki", and translates to Crimson Moon; however, Ōkubo took away the "i" in the pronunciation to use the word "akatsuki", which is actually written as "暁", and means dawn/daybreak.
  • Benimaru hinted that this may be one of Konro's techniques.[1]

References Edit

  1. Chapter 50, page 15

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