Excalibur in colour
Kanji エクスカリバー
Romaji Ekusukaribā
Manga Debut The Devil, The Knight, and The Witch

Excalibur (エクスカリバー, Ekusukaribā) is a bladeless sword and the personal weapon of Arthur Boyle. If wielded by a Third Generation, the user can mold a concentrated blade of plasma in place of the blade.

Appearance Edit

Excalibur is a peculiarly designed sword, consisting of only a white hilt. The hilt features a handle with white spiraled tape around it, and a cross at the top resembling that of the cross used in the Special Fire Brigade. The plasma is emitted from the top of this cross in turn of where the blade of the sword usually is, forming a plasma-blade, that shines a blue aura when activated. It's sheath is white.[1]

Overview Edit

As matter increases in temperature, it passes through the solid, liquid and gaseous states, and once at a high enough state reaches a level of plasma. Such process requires the wielder to use their Ignition Ability to increase the temperature of their flames to this point.[2] As noted by Takehisa Hinawa, the swordplay using Excalibur is equivalent to plasma cutting. Arthur exclusively uses Excalibur with his right hand. While fighting with Excalibur in his left hand, Arthur loses all ability to fight with a sword, due to his simple-mindedness.[3] Sometimes the cuts are so fine that when he cuts through objects, the part that was cut doesn't fall through.[4] Excalibur has shown the proficiency the ability to deflect and fend off against flames. The substance he creates cannot be easily extinguished by the Second Generation, though it can be manipulated.[5]

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