Fire Bugs


Volume 4

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Volume Info
Kanji 炎炎ノ消防隊 04
Romaji En En no Shōbōtai 04
Japanese ISBN 978-4-06-395736-5
English ISBN 978-1632364319
Pages 192 (JP)
192 (EN)
Release Dates
Japan August 17, 2016
North America June 13, 2017
United Kingdom June 13, 2017
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Fire Bugs (炎炎ノ消防隊 04, En En no Shōbōtai 04) is the fourth volume of the Fire Force manga series, written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo.

Summary Edit

Shinra has discovered that someone is using a bug to turn people into Infernals. He’s narrowed the suspects down to two, and now he must figure out which one is the real culprit. Can he find out who is friend and who is foe without first getting caught himself?

Chapters Edit

Reception Edit

  • In its first week of sales, Volume 4 reached the 21st place on the official Oricon manga rankings chart, and has sold an estimated amount of 49,737 copies.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The Japanese volume also included an official character profile for Maki Oze revealing personal information about her such as her height, weight and favourite food.
  • In the Afterword Manga: Atsushiya section of this volume, the author Atsushi Ōkubo clears some concepts that might have confused some readers, explaining his enthusiasm for the official westernized name for his manga series (Fire Force), and changing the "Fire Soldier" on the brigade members' helmets to "Fire Force" due to it not making sense when looking at it from a team perspective. The name "Fire Force" was suggested as well as "Fire Squad" - with the former being chosen due to "squad" meaning a small-scale military team, in comparison to the large force that is the Special Fire Force.

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