First Run

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Chapter 01

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Chapter Info
Japanese 初現場
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 01
Pages 42
Volume Fire Walk with Me
Release Info
Japan September 30, 2015
English November 8, 2016
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First Run (初現場, Hatsu Genba) is the first chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Shinra goes on his first official mission with the Special Fire Force Company 8, where the wife of the factory's manager has become an Infernal. After arriving on the scene, Akitaru warns the crew of the falling debris in the factory, in which the fire is taking place. Heading into the building, Shinra contemplates the act of destroying a Flame Human and how is is equivalent to killing a real person. Shortly after heading in, the force comes across the burnt corpse of the last employee of the factory whom they set out to save, who failed to escape, making their primary mission to extinguishing the threat. At the scene, Akitaru reminds Shinra the purpose of the blue lines. Distracted by Maki showing her Second Generation abilities, Shinra is caught off guard by the Flame Human who knocks him out, causing him to recall his past, before being woken up and told to stand up. Shinra finally decides to fight. With the squad cooperating in order to deal with the intelligent Flame Human, Shinra launches himself towards the enemy, igniting his feet in the process. The boy delivers a kick to the core of the Flame Human's heart, sending her to the afterlife in peace. He overhears the spectators chanting for him while the rest of the crew praises him, saying that he has finally become the hero he longed to be. Elated, Shinra shows off a delighted smile.

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