Haran Edit
Character Info
Kanji ハラン
Romaji Haran
Gender Male   Male
Status Deceased
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Manga The Trap is Set


Haran (ハラン, Haran) was a member of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, who turned himself into a Demon Infernal.

Appearance Edit

Haran was a man with dark circular tattoos surrounding his eyes, and five tattoo stripes vertically running across his chin to upper lip. He shrouded himself in a white cloak, with a jumper that has a dark cross-insignia, white trousers with pentagonal patterns, and white shoes. After taking the form of a Demon Infernal, Haran's skin darkened into a charcoal-like colour. He gained two horns that spurt out of his forehead, and his tattoos turned white.

Personality Edit

Haran was a loyal subordinate of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, willing to go as far as transforming himself into an Infernal to fight members of the Special Fire Force Company 8.

Abilities Edit

As a human, Haran mainly used a double-sided knife in combat, preferring to fight in close-quarters, but also had skill in hand to hand combat. Upon becoming an artificial Infernal, Haran's speed and strength increase to the point where he can easily repel Arthur Boyle's attacks.

Plot Edit

Asakusa arc Edit

Haran transforming

Haran begins transforming into a Demon Infernal.

Overlooking the destruction of Asakusa alongside Jonah and Arrow, Haran comments if any Bugs will find anyone compatible. Soon after, as Arrow begins fleeing, he attacks and restrain Shinra Kusakabe, but is repelled. Shinra then groups up with Arthur, leading to the White Hoods collaboratively attacking the Fire Officers, to their success. As the boys begin working together, Haran finds himself overwhelmed and is slashed by Arthur's sword. Injured, he decides to eat a Bug, resulting in Haran transforming into a horned Infernal. In his new form, he overwhelms Arthur and Shinra, until Benimaru Shinmon intervenes and attacks Haran with his Ignition Ability, though he is not affected by the attack. Benimaru then launches Haran into the air, and drags him in the sky with his matoi's. Far enough from Asakusa, Benimaru uses the opportunity to use Akatsuki on Haran, causing a massive explosion that kills him.