Heroes Assemble
Chapter 33
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Japanese 英雄集結
Arc Preacher Pursuit arc
Chapter 33
Pages 18
Volume Fire Bugs
Release Info
Japan June 1st, 2015
GiovanniKayoko HuangKonroRaffles IIISōichirō Arg
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Heroes Assemble (英雄集結, Eiyū Shūketsu) is the thirty-third chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

In central Tokyo, Raffles III, the emperor of Tokyo, informs his attendants to gather all of the Battalion Commanders of the Special Fire Brigade. Later on at the 8th Special Fire Fighting Church, Shinra queries Akitaru on the reasoning for his and Tamaki's presence at the gathering, and he explains that since he was a witness of the Bug experimentation as well as the White Hoods that killed Rekka, they would be an informative presence there. From behind the door, Arthur peeks his head through, letting everyone know he's no longer lost. On the journey to the gathering, Akitaru mentions that this is the first time since his becoming of Commander that the amassing of all the Commanders has happened. As they arrive, Shinra is astonished to see the Amaterasu, the generator that powers all of Tokyo, for the first time in person. As the 8th walk in, Shinra spots the Commanders of the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th, for the first time, as well as the rest of the Commanders. He glances at Benimaru Shinmon, pulling a smile at him, to which he calls Shinra a brat and walks away annoyed. Everybody begins to pray as the emperor walks in, though Benimaru sits relaxed, legs on the row of seats in-front of him. An intense atmosphere is settled, as the emperor begins talking. He finalizes by stating that all of the Special Fire Brigades must treat the preacher as a major threat, and for all of them to investigate and rid of him. Beinmaru interrupts imprudently, to which Gustav confronts him for being so rude, telling him to apologize, but is spoken back to disrespectfully. The 7th Commander then stands up, stating that the 7th Special Fire Brigade will be acting on their own accord as always, and leaves the building with his colleague. As Gustav shouts at the stubborn and young Commander to come back, the emperor tells him to leave him alone. In an unknown location, a man with black hair and a lab coat speaks to another man over a device, asking him if he can hear the gathering. The man on the other end seems to be amused by the emperor's desire to eradicate the preacher, revealing himself to be none other than Joker.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter provided a color page featuring Natsu Dragneel from the Fairy Tail manga series, written and drawn by the author Hiro Mashima. The authors of each also had a conversation with each other, talking about their thoughts on each's own manga and their backgrounds.

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