Hibana Edit
Character Info
Kanji 火華 (ヒバナ)
Romaji Hibana
Alias Sister Hibana (シスター火華 (シスター・ヒバナ), Shisutā Hibana)
Princess Hibana (プリンセス火華 (プリンセス・ヒバナ), Purinsesu Hibana)
Gender Female   Female
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Birth Date March 3rd
Professional Status
Affiliation The Holy Sol Temple (Former)
Haijima Industries (Former)
5th Special Fire Brigade
Occupation Sister (Former)
Haijima employee (Former)
Rank Battalion Commander
Manga Seeking the Truth

Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom SnowstormClematis

Hibana (火華, Hibana), better known as Princess Hibana (プリンセス火華, Purinsesu Hibana), is a Third Generation Battalion Commander of the Special Fire Force Company 5.

Appearance Edit

Volume 8

Hibana's full appearance.

Hibana is an attractive young woman with tanned skin, long light pink hair and blue eyes that have a shade of pink, flower-shaped pupils.[1] Her outfit consists of a v-shaped, sleeveless white pencil dress, which partially reveals her large bust, a belt with a gold buckle, with a whip and a holster attached to it, dark high heels, a golden necklace, light-coloured undergarments[2] and a personalised protective outer fur-tim jacket with a hood, parts of which are coated with blue lines. Hibana's dress has a split on the left leg from the belt down. Other than this attire, she also wears a light jumper with striped, woolen sleeves with a vest that has two pockets at the sides over it, a dark skirt and tights. Hibana's outfits contain patches with "5" on them, to signify her affiliation to the 5th Special Fire Brigade. She also carries an iron fan around her while on the battlefield.

During her time at The Holy Sol Temple, Hibana wore a habit, which consisted of a tunic, which was covered by a scapular, and a veil, dark shoes and a pendant with a cross-like insignia as a charm. When she departed from the temple, Hibana wore a light-coloured coat, a dark skirt and boots.

Personality Edit

Hibana's Decent

Hibana's descent into darkness.

Hibana was first portrayed as deceiving, having a twisted personality and enjoying conducting research on Infernals. She takes her role as the Battalion Commander seriously and doesn't hesitate to remind lower-ranked members of their place. She also has a sovereign-like complex, which she expresses towards males, manipulating people using her charm and beauty and making them do her bidding, being dominant of them and thinking of them as insignificant; going as far as using her own comrades as stepping-stones from her throne. Hibana is ambitious - she wishes to gather as much data on Infernals as she can and unravel their secrets.

During her time doing experiments on Infernals, she discovered more about what type of world she's living in and decided that, to get stronger and wiser, she had to become malicious — to survive, she opted to become a demon.[3] Hibana is highly intelligent and a great tactician, being able to devise a plan, alongside Akitaru Ōbi, to infiltrate the Special Fire Force Company 1 and learn more about the incidents involving the artificial creation of Infernals. After her confrontation with Shinra, Hibana became much kinder, friendlier and open with her feelings, reverting to her childhood personality. She even claims to have developed romantic feelings for Shinra.

While Company 8 are bound together by a strong sense of justice, Hibana claims to be motivated by a desire for revenge. Promising to burn the people responsible for killing her sisters alive for their crimes.

Abilities Edit


Hibana using Clematis.

Hibana is a Third Generation, who was granted the ability to create flower-shaped flames through her hands or fan — an ability she calls "Clematis". She can surround her opponent in an abundance of Cherry Blossoms that singe the skin upon touch and inflict harmful cuts. Hibana can control the surrounding temperature, which by changing can extinguish certain Ignition Abilities.[4] She can also envelop a person's body in heat, resulting in them developing heat syncope, which can subdue them and cause dizziness.[5] Despite her intelligence, Hibana lacks skill in combat due to her receiving no formal training.[6]

Background Edit

Iris And Hibana's Childhood

Hibana begins losing her faith.

Hibana grew up as an orphan in The Holy Sol Temple, alongside Iris and the other sisters who use to reside in the institution, where she showed little enthusiasm with the faithful praying to the Sun God. Being the only Third Generation at the temple, Hibana was looked upon as their smart and beautiful hero, due to having a gift that no other person at the temple had — the ability to create fiery flowers. One day, the Spontaneous Human Combustion struck the temple, incinerating every resident of the institution, except Hibana and Iris. The event caused Hibana to lose faith, but awakened inside of her a hunger for power and dominance.[7] As time went on, she started experimenting on the bodies of Infernals and selling her research to Haijima Industries in exchange for funds and the title of Battalion Commander.[8]

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

5th Brigade Chapter 12

Hibana and her brigade prepare to fight Shinra.

Hibana spectates the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, where she supports her peers in the exam, until it is halted after an incident inside the building. Some time later, she interrupts the clash between Shinra Kusakabe and Setsuo Miyamoto in an attempt to stop the Fire Soldier from dealing the finishing blow to the Murderous Infernal. Hibana orders her brigade to take Setsuo away as she gazes at Shinra, causing him to fall to his knees. She then tells her subordinates to hold him down while she lectures Shinra how to be respectful and demands him to lick her shoe. As Shinra looks up in an attempt to apologise, he sees Hibana's underwear, startling her and encouraging her to walk away. When the Special Fire Force Company 8 arrives, Hibana explains her wish to research the sentient Infernal and claims that she is willing to share the information with them. Before leaving Hibana warns that if Company 8 continues to involve themselves with the affairs of others they will be snuffed out. Glancing briefly at Iris, Hibana leaves with her Company.

VS. 5th Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Shinra jumps in to punch Hibana

Hibana and Shinra confront each other in a heated battle.

After returning to headquarters, Hibana begins conducting vicious experiments on Setsuo, tempting the man to reveal the secrets his body holds. Later, Iris arrives at the complex to talk, which ends with Hibana ripping off her habit and suggesting to use Iris as bait to lure out the 8th Special Fire Brigade. Hibana then overhears a loud noise outside the headquarters. After she recollects her past with Iris, Hibana is confronted by Shinra. At first, she tries to succumb the Fire Soldier with heat syncope, but fails. Hibana then takes out her fan and attacks Shinra with her Cherry Blossoms, trapping the boy inside an abundant whirlwind of flower petals. She continues insulting Shinra, but fails to overpower him, which leads to her defeat after a single punch. While unconscious, Hibana reminisces her childhood at The Holy Sol Temple.

Hibana middle finger flower

Hibana vows to crush the person creating artificial Infernals.

As she wakes up, she finds herself in Iris' lap, who tells Hibana that she always thought of her as a hero, after which Shinra announces that he will be Hibana's hero — a person who she will be able to look up to. Hibana then grants Iris' request to see her fire flowers one more time. After her loss to Shinra, Hibana decides to reward him with a secret about Spontaneous Human Combustion. When Companies 5 and 8 decide to hold a dinner party to disguise their confrontation as a late-night training session, Hibana and Akitaru have a conversation, during which they discuss about Shinra and how Hibana was affected by the tragedy of the flames. She then reveals to Akitaru that someone in Shinjuku District, which is under the jurisdiction of the Special Fire Force Company 1, is creating Infernals using artificial means and vows to crush them as they could've also been behind the incident at The Holy Sol Temple.

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Hibana shows up at the Special Fire Cathedral 8 to bring Shinra lunch and, alongside Akitaru, inform him and Arthur that the two will be infiltrating the Special Fire Force Company 1 as trainees, with recruits from the 2nd and 5th Brigades joining them, in order to gather information on the artificial creation of Infernals. She later attends the 1st Special Fire Fighting Cathedral with Takehisa to check in on their progress. Hibana later further discusses her research on Infernals, revealing that the bodies of man-made Infernals have traces of the organism's (which was used to artificially create said Infernals) DNA in their bodies.

Hibana and Conehead later confront a giant Infernal in the streets of Tokyo, where they wonder about how will they deal with the Infernal's many cores. She later defeats it with Clematis.

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

Hibana appears alongside the other Seven Captains of the Special Fire Forces, attending a meeting with Raffles III, where Adolla Burst, Knights of Ashen Flame and the issues involving Spontaneous Human Combustion are discussed.

When Shinra objects to being taken into protective custody and claims he will protect himself, Hibana states that Shinra's safety is an internal matter and that Company 8 should handle it themselves. She also whispers to Akitaru that Company 3's interest in the Adora Burst means that they would use Shinra for research if they had the chance.

After the meeting, Hibana is confronted by Giovanni. The doctor comments that despite her affiliation with Haijima, it seems like she is treating the 8th Company has her ally. Hibana dismisses his statement and leaves by saying she'll send data on the giant Infernals to him as a means of proving her loyalty to Haijima, much to his irritation.

Asakusa arc Edit

While Company 8 is struggling in Asakusa, Hibana is seen ordering her followers to rearrange Akitaru's office and leave his possessions out in the street. When Iris asks why she is doing this, Hibana explains that this is punishing Akitaru for ordering Company 5 so casually. Despite the fact that Hibana could refuse his requests because she is also a captain, which a member of her Company points out.

When the 8th Company returns, Hibana wonders why Haijima is sending a new recruit to Company 8, especially as they did not inform Akitaru beforehand. While Hibana makes it clear that she feels that Haijima is planning something, the newcomer explains that he is there because of emperor's order to strengthen the chemical of each of the Companies and Hibana's other responsibilities mean that her alliance with the 8th isn't enough. Therefore, Victor Licht will be the Chief of the 8th's Chemistry Department.

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Hibana notices that Licht is an incredibly suspicious figure and is seen protecting Shinra from Licht when Licht attempts to examine the boy's feet. Shinra (following the events of Asakusa) asks the two scientists what the Adora Burst is. Hibana simplifies the emperor's pervious explanation while Licht explains the current state of the world. However Hibana doesn't have any knowledge of the Adora Link.

Hibana asks Victor why he wants to join the brigade and he tells her the thought it would be nice to get the action and data from the source. Hibana expresses shock that Company 8 is trying to recruit Vulcan. Shunra asks who is Vulcan and she explains that everyone that tried to recruit him were either rejected or never herd from him. Akitaru asks Shinra to bring Arthur and Iris long to try to recruit him. Hibana explains that is a waste of time and Vulcan has snubbed other brigades.

Hibana later saves Shinra and tells him that she only came for Iris and unties him. When Shinra runs off to protect Vulcan, Hibana notes his agility. She later extinguishes the White Hood's illusion by altering the temperature of the air and pins them down with her Clematis attack. She seemingly accidentally attacks Arthur that the same time, when Arthur points out that she is meant to be his ally, However she claims that says the all idols are the same in her eyes (except for Shinra). While Flail and Arthur are unable to move, Hibana starts to cackle at their misfortune, before being struck by a bears head, knocking her unconscious and freeing three warrior's from her spell. Arthur figures out that Iris pushed the button again.

Hibana regains consciousness and attempts to rescue Shinra from Sho after the white-haired boy almost kills Arthur, but she is quickly cut down herself. Hibana is herself recused by Vulcan and Licht when the Workshop explodes.

She is later seen in a hospital having recovered from her injuries. While Shinra talks with Vulcan, Hibana questions Victor's incredible timing. He tells her he got worried and came after them. When Hibana asks him if he took the Preacher's Key from the Workshop and he denies the accusation. Hibana threatens him if does anything strange to Company 8.

Hibana later appears with Konro and Karim to meet with Akitaru. While she is angry that Iris is being used by Akitaru to serve tea, but Iris tells her that she trying to improve. The group starts the meeting about the Preacher. Akitaru explains that Vulcan knows Giovanni's real face and the one at the press conference is a impostor, believing that the . Hibana says that several members have left the third and that it's possible the White Hood's corruption might spread beyond the 3rd and it might have impacted the entire Empire. Karim says that they have to find the White Hood base. Akitaru says that Victor has started to look for the base, although Hibana questions his trustworthiness.

When Akitaru states that he will launch an attack on the White Hood's base, Hibana asks what his plan is. Although Iris asks her sister why is now sitting above the couch. The Princess explains that she refuses to sit at the same height as the useless Company 1, much to Karim's annoyance. Karim sarcastically asks her if she would want him to sit on the floor, much to Hibana's utterly delight. As a result, Karim is forced to sit on the floor for the rest of the meeting.

Netherworld arc Edit

After Company 8 enters the Netherworld, the 3 Angels of the 5th informs them of the brigade's activities. While Hibana dismisses then and claims she only cares about the events inside the Nether, she privately expresses her concern for Captain Obi.

Haijima Industries arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • "Hibana" (火華) can be translated to "fire flower" in Japanese.
  • Upon her introduction, Hibana was depicted with blonde hair.

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