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Hikage Edit
Character Info
Kanji ヒカゲ
Romaji Hikage
Alias Hika (ヒカ, Hika)
Gender Female   Female
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation 7th Special Fire Brigade
Manga Whereabouts of the All in White

Hikage (ヒカゲ, Hikage) is a Third Generation member of the 7th Special Fire Brigade.

Appearance Edit

Hikage appearance

Hikage's appearance.

Hikage is a young girl. She has black hair that is tied in a bubble at the back, brushed to the left side of her face, in contrast to Hinata who bears a resembling appearance, and acquires a large light bow across her head. She has large dark eyes, and dons a black kimono with a blue stripe across the waist signifying her affiliation with the Special Fire Brigade, and a flame pattern on the end of the sleeves.

Personality Edit

Hikage is a jolly girl who is often seen with her companion Hinata.

Plot Edit

Hikage appeared along with Hinata at the 7th Special Fire Fighting Station, and grew excited when Benimaru brought back daifuku for them to eat. The brigade were later interrupted by the 8th Special Fire Brigade appearing at their headquarters.

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