Ignition Ability
Shinra's Ignition ability
Kanji 発火能力
Romaji Hakka Nōryoku
Technique Info
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force

An Ignition Ability (発火能力, Hakka Nōryoku) is an ability granted to Third Generations.

Overview Edit

This ability allows the user to generate flames from certain body parts, such as their shoulders, and can also be used for multiple purposes such as welding or creating fireworks.[1] The ability can also be combined with specific types of objects like sword hilts, bubblegum, or matois. It's known that each Ignition Ability user has a different way of using their ability to generate flames; even though the principle of generating fire is kept the same, how they use the flames differ. Generating flames can give the users increase in strength, mobility and speed. In some cases, Third Generations can go beyond the concept of fire, and produce plasma. While they are immune to being burned, they still feel heat.[2]


The effect on the body from overusing an Ignition Ability.

Ignition Abilities have their restrictions when it comes to how much they can be used, also known as Overheat or Ignition Limit (発火限界, Ōbāhīto/ Hakka Genkai). Once the individual has used up a considerable amount of oxygen, which is needed for generating flames, they cannot use their Ignition Abilities until they've regathered the oxygen to do so.[3] When one has overexerted their Ignition Ability, it can potentially lead to burning their own bodies and severe dehydration.[4] As well as this, when a Third Generation user overuses their ability, their bodies begin to char due to the lack of oxygen in the body. This is a type of disease called Tephrosis (灰病, Haibyō).[5]

The firepower generated can be intertwined with the physiological state of the user, as Arthur Boyle relies on himself looking like a knight in order to maximize his generated power.[6]

List of Ignition Abilities Edit

Ability User Description
Shinra's Ignition Ability
Shinra Kusakabe
Shinra uses his Ignition Ability through his feet, allowing him to boost the strength and speed of his kicks by a considerable amount. He has shown to be able to easily kick a ton of weight into the sky with relatively ease. His ability also grants him flight. The ashes he leaves on the floor in image of his footprints were noted to be called the "Devil's Footprints" (悪魔の足跡, Akuma no Ashiato).[7]
Arthur Boyle
Arthur's Ignition Ability allows him to fabricate plasma on the hilt of his sword, creating "Excalibur" — a sharp, concentrated blade, with which he uses a type of swordplay that is equivalent to plasma cutting. With the use of Excalibur, Arthur is capable of generating electricity.
Tamaki Kotatsu
Tamaki's Ignition Ability, dubbed "Nekomata", allows her to gird herself in pink flames, which grant her various cat-like traits, including cat ears, two forked tails and nails on her fingertips. With her Ignition Ability active, Tamaki's agility and mobility is substantially increased, allowing her to run on all fours. She can also generate a blast of fire from her forked-tails.
Joker's Ignition Ability
Joker's Ignition Ability allows him to create poker-theme flames. With his generated cards, he can handle and launch them to pierce targets. He has also shown the ability to inhale flames from explosions through his cigarettes, and using the flames from that to attack. For this reason, Joker usually keeps a packet of cigarettes with him.
Takeru's Ignition Ability
Takeru Noto
Takeru's Ignition Ability allows him to generate a myriad of missiles, which he can create and launch from his palms, or moulded from fireballs. Despite Takeru lacking control over the ability, it has lots of destructive power behind it, as demonstrated when it shook a large building.[8]
Burns Ignition Ability
Leonardo Burns
Leonardo Burns can generate fire through his right eye. Using this ability, he has shown the prowess to jump to extraordinary heights and land without any harm. Though Leonardo has used his ability on numerous occasions, his general ability as a Third Generation is still unspecified.
Gustav's Ignition Ability
Gustav Honda
Gustav's Ignition Ability activates through his scalp, which becomes enveloped in flames. He can use these flames, combined with his physical strength, to repel objects, such as falling debris, with a single headbutt.[9]
Princess Hibana
Hibana has a range of Ignition Abilities, her main one named Clematis, which allows her to manifest flames in the form of flowers. By gazing at someone, Hibana is able to envelop a persons body in heat, resulting in them developing heat syncope, which can subdue them and cause dizziness.
Tōru's Ignition Ability
Tōru Kishiri
Tōru's Ignition Ability, "Backdraft Bubblish Gum", allows him to create a vacuum within a bubblegum balloon and fill it with flammable gas. Due to the balloon being lighter than air, it is able to float. When the balloon pops, the flammable gas reacts with oxygen, causing an explosion.
3 Sheets Grated Slasher ver.2.3
3 Angels of the 5th
A member of the 3 Angels of the 5th has shown the prowess called 3 Sheets Grated Slasher ver.2.3, which allows her to ignite claw-like flames on their hands and swipe at their
Rekka's Ignition Ability
Rekka Hoshimiya
Rekka's Ignition Ability "Star Fist Thrust", allowed him to ignite flames around his arms and fists. Once ignited, he thrusts his arms forward in a punching motion and in a karate stance, landing a more powerful blow to the target. Rekka could also punch from a longer distance and make his flames follow through so that if he can't reach the target with his fist, the flames directly hit it.
Arrow's Ignition Ability
Arrow displayed the ability to ignite fire from her left index finger, and shape the flames into a bow and arrow. Using the ability, she can control the trajectory of the arrow to hit a target accurately, from a long distance. It has enough force to pierce an individual's chest through a layer of ice, and also sever an arm.
Benimaru's Ignition Ability
Benimaru Shinmon
Benimaru can use his Ignition Ability on objects, notably his brigades matois, which explode on impact. Benimaru is also shown to create large fireballs, and use his Iai Hand-Sword: First Form to create a crescent-shaped flame. Benimaru uses his Iai-style of fighting in other ways too.
Konro's Ignition Ability
Konro's Ignition Ability allows him to ignite his shoulders and forearms. This grants him strength to destroy a building by repelling a person into it.
Jonah's Ignition Ability
Jonah can ignite his palms and finger tips to mold people's facial features, such as the persons pupils and hair on contact with their face. The ability can be used to replicate faces to masquerade as certain individuals.
Hikage & Hinata's Ignition Ability
Hikage & Hinata
Hikage and Hinata have the same Ignition Ability. Using their ability, they can coat themselves in flames from head to the upper half of their legs. In this form, their heads resemble that of a kitsune.
Shō's Ignition Ability
Shō Kusakabe
Shō can use his Ignition Ability to create feathers that allow him to use an ability similar to super speed. He uses his ability in conjunction with his katana.
Mirage's Ignition Ability
Mirage can use their Ignition Ability to create mirages. The ability can be used to create up to thirty three individuals, which could intimidated people into thinking they were outnumbered.[10] With enough force, the mirages disperse back into flames.
Flail's Ignition Ability
Flail could use his Ignition Ability on his chain to generate a spiked ball, thus creating a flail. Using the weapon, he could spin it incredibly fast to attack with.
Lisa's Igniton Ability
Lisa's Ignition Ability allows her to manifest tentacles from herself and the ground, which can be used to constrict, whip and immobilise an individual.
Assault's Ignition Ability
Assasult's Ignition Ability allows him to create rocket-like flames under his arms. He can launch these at his foes from a long distance, or punch foes up close and let the rockets loose to deal more damage.
Haumea's Ignition Ability
Haumea's Ignition Ability allows her to create electric signals, which she can use to destroy electrical systems, as well as to use it on people's nerves to subdue them.
Kayoko's Ignition Ability
Kayoko's Ignition Ability, "Asclepius Staff", takes the form of a snake which is used to heal patients.
Ogun's Ignition Ability
Inka's Ignition Ability
Tatsu's Ignition Ability
Kurono's Ignition Ability

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