Iron Owls
Iron Owls
Kanji 鉄梟
Romaji Tekkyou
Manga Debut Separate Efforts

Iron Owls (鉄梟, Tekkyou) are a weapon created by Vulcan that are utilised by Maki Oze.

Usage Edit

Upon creating Mera Mera and Pusu Pusu, Maki places them inside the duel weapons, causing them to be able to fly. The firepower fired through the holes are capable of harming that which is normally resistant to fire.

Owl Eyes Edit

Maki using the Owl Eyes

Maki using the Owl Eyes.

The Owl Eyes (梟の目 (オウルアイ), Ouruai) are a different way of using the Iron Owls for supplementary use. The same way she uses the Iron Owls, Maki will place Pusu Pusu and Mera Mera in the Iron Owls - but they now have cameras attached to them, and Maki places a headset that allows her to view whatever the camera can see. Their is also a monitor in Company 8's Special Armoured Fire Engine hooked up to the camera. This is a great spectating device as it allows them to see from areas they may not be able to get to.