Jonah Edit
Character Info
Kanji ヨナ
Romaji Yona
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Manga Company 7 is Born

Jonah (ヨナ, Yona) is a Third Generation within the Ash Flame Chivalric Order.

Appearance Edit

Jonah has long light hair with a distinctive parting sticking out at the front and back, with black hair at the back of his head. He has odd shaped eye pupils, resembling an "A" shape. He dons his organisations uniform; a white cloak, and a white jumper with a red cross on the front, as well as white trousers.

Personality Edit

Jonah has a sadistic and twisted personality, showing no remorse in killing someone and bathing in their blood. He seems to have an obsession with art, and when the process of his Ignition Ability doesn't go according to plan, he has no remorse in killing them by exploding their face.

Abilities Edit

Jonah's Ability

Jonah using his Ignition Ability.

Jonah is a Third Generation, giving him the ability to ignite and manipulate flames from his palms and fingers. He can use his Ignition Ability to change the appearance of people's faces. He executes this process by using heat to control the blood flow in people's faces, and makes the capillaries and lymph nodes expand, and then uses localized edema to change the shape of people's faces, something he commonly calls art. Using this same process, he can overheat somebody's face and cause it to explode.

Plot Edit

Asakusa arc Edit

Jonah uses his ignition Ability to change the face of three individuals to pose as Takehisa Hinawa, Akitaru Ōbi and Hikage, indirectly tricking Benimaru into thinking the Special Fire Force Company 8 were enemies. Sometime later within a building, Jonah uses his ability to change an individuals face. Dissatisfied with the result, he kills the person in front of his partner. Afterwards, he and two other White Hoods begin attacking Asakusa. With Haran's fall, Jonah and Arrow departed, and informed their leader of what happened.

Nether World arc Edit

Upon Company 8 entering the Nether World in search for the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, Jonah and Mirage use their Ignition Abilities to separate the brigade.

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