Konro Edit
Character Info
Kanji 紺炉
Romaji Konro
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation 7th Special Fire Brigade
Rank Company Commander
Manga Heroes Assemble


Konro (紺炉, Konro) is a Third Generation Company Commander of Special Fire Force Company 7.

Appearance Edit

Konro is a tall young man with black hair that is tied into a pony-tail. He has a long scar running horizontally between his nose and eyes, and wears a grey or black kimono.

Personality Edit

Konro is a very loyal subordinate of Benimaru Shinmon. His demeanor is usually quite lack-luster and relaxed, and he always has a irritated look in his eyes. He is not afraid to go out of his way and even become physically harmed if it means doing justice correctly. Even though Benimaru thinks Konro should be Captain due to his calm nature, Konro has absolute faith in his superior. 

Background Edit

Konro vs Flame Human

Konro confronts an Infernal.

In Year 196, Konro alongside his peace keeping force, took it upon themselves to deal with the excessive amounts of Infernals appearing within Asakusa. Konro and Benimaru faced the challenged by pushing their Ignition Abilities to their limit. During the ordeal, the two encountered a Demon Infernal, which frightened Konro enough to knock out Benimaru in an attempt to save his life by not letting him fight the being in his weakened state. Konro then fought against the Infernal, and ended up charring his body from exceeding the limit of his Ignition Ability. The next morning, he was discovered in the rubble, and told Benimaru he was leaving the responsibility of leading their district to him. When the Special Fire Force Company 4 arrived, Sōichirō Arg approached the pair, and told them of the news that their force would become a Special Fire Force, with Konro as their leader. When the 7th Brigade was formed, as Konro wasn't fit to lead it due to his illness, Benimaru become the brigades Battalion Commander, while he became its Company Commander.

Abilities Edit

Konro is a Third Generation, who is able to ignite his shoulders and forearms, allowing him to punch objects with a lot of power. Even without his ability, he could destroy an Infernal's core with just brute strength.[1] After overusing his Ignition Ability and developing Ash Disease, he lost the ability to fight,[2] leading to him collapsing upon activating it. While in his prime, he had access to a considerable amount of fire power,[3] which matched the power of Benimaru's Crimson Moon.[4] Chives was capable of creating a gigantic crater in the ground, and also killing a Demon Infernal.

Plot Edit

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

Following his brigade defeating a giant Infernal, Konro escorts Benimaru to the meeting of the eight Battalion Commanders with Raffles III. After Benimaru addresses the emperor, he leaves with his Battalion Commander mid-way through the meeting.

Asakusa arc Edit

Konro Stops Benimaru

Konro stops Benimaru from attacking Akitaru.

After the Special Fire Force Company 8 contacts his brigade, Konro reports their interest in investigating a lead on the Preacher within Asakusa, as the 8th arrives. As the two brigades begin discussing matters, Benimaru leaves to deal with Kantaro, while Konro takes the time to explain his commanders powers to the 8th. After the ordeal, Benimaru tends to Konro's injuries and suggests that their brigades helps the 8th with their mission. Later, he finds Benimaru facing the 8th and asks for him to stop. Ignoring his words, Kataro activates his Ignition Ability and intervenes, before collapsing from the effects of Ash Disease. Afterwards he rests, and explains his condition and how he developed it to Shinra Kusakabe.

After talking, he takes the 8th into Asakusa, where they find Hikage and Hinata bickering. When Arthur Boyle attacks Hikage, Konro discovers that Hikage was in-fact an impersonator using her face. As he begins interrogating the impostor about the whereabouts of the real Hikage, the impostor unleashes a Bug and turns himself into an Infernal, before being killed by Hinawa. As chaos breaks out in the streets, Konro wonders where Benimaru is.

Watching Asakusa erupt into flame from a watchtower, Konro finally finds Benimaru and the pair discuss what to do. They ultimately realise that Asakusa needs a strong leader to calm the citizens and regain control over the situation. With Benimaru finally embacing his position as Captain, Konro helps to gives his speech the seriousness the situation demands by curtailing Company 7's brash behaviour and directing their forces.  

While the battle rages on and the Fire Force begin to overwhelm the Infernals and Ashen Knights, Konro is seen ontop of a ladder observing the fires and mobilising Company 7 to counter them. While initially confidence, Konro attempts to lash out when he spots Arrow readying her attack against the unsuspecting Benimaru, only to succumb to his tephrosis and crashes to the ground. In his desperation, Konro reaches out and begs for somebody to protect Benimaru. Remembering Shinra's promise to help if he needs help, Konro calls out for Shinra's aid. Mysteriously, Shinra hears this call of help and rushes to redirect Arrow's attack, ultimately succeeding and allowing Benimaru the opportunity to destroy the Demon Infernal. The next day, Konro is seen during the sake exchange between Benimaru and Akitaru. 

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Konro later goes to Special Fire Cathedral 8 alongside Karim and Hibana to exchange information with Akitaru to benefit future investigations.

Haijima Industries arc Edit

Upon returning to Cathedral 8, Konoha reports on Beniumaru's investigation of The Holy Sol Temple with Joker to the brigade.

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