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Lisa Edit
Character Info
Kanji リサ
Romaji Risa
Gender Female   Female
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Occupation Technician
Manga God of Smithing

Lisa (リサ, Risa) is a Third Generation in the Ash Flame Chivalric Order.

Appearance Edit

Lisa Appearance

Lisa while undercover.

Lisa is a young woman with somewhat dark hair that is parted to the right side of her forehead, and is tied into a knot that falls into a pony tail with separate bangs. She has light eyes and has two dark horizontal striped tattoos revolving around her upper left arm. She dons white gloves, a white crop top, dark jeans with the left jean cut off, revealing her left leg with two more striped tattoos on it, and a white tool-belt with a white skull for a belt-buckle. She wears black shoes with a clip as a tightening method.

Personality Edit

Lisa was initially shown to be kind and honest, and cared deeply for Vulcan and Yū as if they were her family. However, later on, she reveals her true persona as a server of the Preacher, deceiving both Vulcan and Yū. In truth, she lied to both her companions and led them to believe false things. Lisa went as far as knocking out Yū with her Third Generation powers, and electrocuting Vulcan with a taser. Despite this, when Giovanni shot Yū in the chest, she seemed to be hesitant about how she felt, showing that she does care about him.

Abilities Edit

Being a Third Generation, Lisa can use her Ignition Ability to manifest tentacles from the ground, which she uses to constrict an individual.

Background Edit

As a member of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, Lisa was tasked with finding the key to Amaterasu, leading to her going undercover as an orphan that had lost her parents before leaving her monastery. When Vulcan discovered her near his workshop, he took her in, and the two of them formed a family alongside .

Plot Edit

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

While Lisa, Yū, Vulcan and Iris hide in Vulcan's workshop from the White Hoods' attack, Lisa shockingly reveals herself to be a member of the White Hoods herself, electrocuting Vulcan with a taser and kicking him to the ground.

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