Lisa Isaribi Edit
Character Info
Kanji リサ
Romaji Risa
Gender Female   Female
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Special Fire Force Company 8
Occupation Technician
Manga The God of the Smithy

Lisa Isaribi (リサ, Risa), going by the name Feeler during her service in the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, is a Third Generation within Special Fire Force Company 8.

Appearance Edit

Feeler's Apppearance

Feeler's appearance.

Lisa is a young woman with somewhat dark hair that is parted to the right side of her forehead, and is tied into a knot that falls into a pony tail with separate bangs. She has light eyes and has two dark horizontal striped tattoos revolving around her upper left arm.

While undercover, she dons white gloves, a white crop top, dark jeans with the left jean cut off, revealing her left leg with two more striped tattoos on it, and a white tool-belt with a white skull for a belt-buckle. She wears black shoes with a clip as a tightening method.

By the Haijima Industries arc, Lisa sports a shorter hairstyle.

Personality Edit

Lisa was initially shown to be kind and honest, and cared deeply for Vulcan Joseph and as if they were her family. However, later on, she reveals her true persona as a server of the Preacher, deceiving both Vulcan and Yū. In truth, she lied to both her companions and led them to believe false things. Lisa went as far as knocking out Yū with her Third Generation powers, and electrocuting Vulcan with a taser. Despite this, when Giovanni shot Yū in the chest, she seemed to be hesitant about how she felt, showing that she does care about him.

Abilities Edit

Lisa's Ignition ability

Lisa using her Ignition Ability.

Being a Third Generation, Lisa can use her Ignition Ability to manifest tentacles, which she uses for constriction purposes. While mainly manifesting the tentacles from a surface, she can manifest them from her waist, giving her the appearance of an octopus. The flames have magnetic properties, which allows itself to attach to living flesh.[1]

Background Edit

At some point, Lisa's parents were burned to death by an Infernal, resulting in her developing a fear for fire. When she was exposed to a Bug, she became a Third Generation, leading to her losing her fear of flames.[2] Believing Vulcan had the key to Amaterasu in his position, Giovanni chose Feeler to go undercover under the name Lisa to search for it.[3] Pretending to take shelter in the junkyard outside Vulcan's Workshop, the teenager discovered her and brought Lisa into his care.[4] While staying at his workshop alongside Yū, the three of them formed a family.

Plot Edit

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Upon Yū entering the workshop with Shinra Kusakabe, Arthur Boyle and Iris, Lisa scolds Yū for bringing in Special Fire Force members inside. When Giovanni arrives, Lisa notifies Vulcan. As Lisa questions Vulcan what happen between him and Haijima Industries, she notices their workshop is surrounded by White Hoods. When Arthur defeats the White Hoods surrounding them, Lisa questions Vulcan's involvement with Haijima Industries again in-order to understand why Vulcan is being targeted.

Lisa Tasers Vulcan

Lisa tasers Vulcan.

As Vulcan prepares to join Arthur in fighting the White Hoods outside, Lisa tasers him and knocks Yū back with her flames. Ordering Iris not to move, Lisa reveals her true objective, and orders Vulcan to give her the key to Amaterasu. After Giovanni and Shinra return, Lisa constricts the boy with her Ignition Ability, until Vulcan intervenes and frees him. Shortly after while the Special Fire Force Company 8 attempts to escape with Yū and Vulcan in a truck, he yells out to Lisa to come with him while reaching out to her, to which she puts her arm out before dropping it.

Netherworld arc Edit

After re-joining the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, Feeler and Giovanni confront Vulcan and Akitaru Ōbi upon their brigade entering and becoming separated in the Netherworld. Asking why Vulcan joined the Special Fire Force and came to the Netherworld, he informed her that he came to find her, leading to her blushing and Giovanni fearfully reminding her of their past. Activating her Ignition Ability, she attempted to attack Vulcan with her tentacle, but Akitaru repels it with his Magnetic Extinguishing Orb. Afterwards, Feeler manage to restrain the pair with her tentacles, until Akitaru repels it again with his orb. As he tries to attack Giovanni, she protects her partners were her tentacle. While Akitaru tries to show Feeler that she's being used, he pretends to let himself get hit by Feeler's attacks, during which he plants Extinguishing Grenades to each of her tentacles before setting them off.

Lisa Held Hostage

Feeler being held hostage.

Falling to the ground, Vulcan catches her, resulting in her crying. Telling his subordinate to return to his side, she tearfully told Vulcan to leave her alone, before Giovanni grabs her and threatens to cut her neck. Tossing a pistol to Vulcan and giving him the choice to shoot Akitaru in order to save Feeler, he shot the Batallion Commander. Being freed as a result, Akitaru unexpectedly rises up and attacks Giovanni alongside Vulcan. With brigade members approaching the group Giovanni decides to leave, leading to Feeler asking for him to not leave her. Afterwards, Vulcan carries Lisa out of the Netherworld and travel to the Special Fire Fighting Defence Clinic 6, where she remained terribly shaken from her ordeal.

Haijima Industries arc Edit

Upon joining Company 8, Shinra walks in on her while she's in the Special Fire Cathedral 8's kitchen. Thinking she's the new invention Vulcan told him about earlier, he poked her breast in confusion, leading to Lisa smaking Vulcan's actual invention of a new blender on his head. Puzzled why she was there, Lisa explained it was due to his brigade rescuing her, and voices her appreciation for him welcoming her. While Akitaru begins a toast to celebrate Lisa joining the brigade, Konro joins in, and reports Benimaru Shinmon's investigation of the church. While discussing Raffles I being replaced, Lisa notes that she isn't aware of a link between the Ash Flame Chivalric Order and The Holy Sol Temple, during which she becomes shaken at the though of Giovanni, leading to Vulcan walking her out of the room.

Trivia Edit

  • Like many other members of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, Lisa is refereed to by a name that reflects her Ignition ability. Unlike the others, 'Feeler' is still referred to by her real name by most of the characters she interacts with.

References Edit

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