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Mera Mera
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Maki Oze Edit
Character Info
Kanji 茉希尾瀬 (マキ・オゼ)
Romaji Maki Oze
Alias Witch (魔女, Majo)
Gender Female   Female
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Second Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation Tokyo Army (Former)
8th Special Fire Brigade
Occupation Soldier (Former)
Rank Private~former

Fire Officer (First Class)

Manga Shinra Kusakabe Joins the Force
Game Burning Beat

Mera MeraPusu PusuPusu Pusu Comet☆


Iron Owls

Maki Oze (茉希尾瀬, Maki Oze) is a Second Generation Fire Soldier of Tokyo's Special Fire Force Company 8.

Appearance Edit

Maki's Appearance

Maki full appearance.

Maki is a young girl of average height and muscular physique [1] with long, straight black hair and purple eyes.[2] Her bangs hang just above her eyebrows. She is seen wearing bunker gear, which consists of a black, sleeveless top and long dark pants, buckled at the waist with a belt, which presses the middle part that's strapped to her shoulders. They are also topped by a protective outer jacket and trousers. Parts of her outfit are coated with blue lines. Maki also wears a neck protector, protective gloves, black boots and a helmet. The buttons of her protective jacket are in the shape of cross-like symbols. Maki was also seen wearing a grey-coloured jumpsuit. When she attended the Rookie Fire Soldier Games as a representative, Maki was seen wearing a black jacket and skirt, with a white belt, black shoes and a band with the number "8" on it. Her outfits contain patches with "8" on them, to signify her affiliation to the 8th Special Fire Brigade.

Personality Edit

Maki Enraged

Maki enraged.

Despite Maki's cool and attractive exterior, she is a hopeless romantic in heart.[3] She is also very courteous to her fellow team-mates and people she meets for the first time. Maki respects Takehisa Hinawa a lot, due to them both being former soldiers. Though a kind-hearted person, she has the exterior of a capable fighter, easily defeating both Shinra and Arthur Boyle, who are both Third Generations, without hesitation, in a fight.[4] Maki also likes using her ability for fun, as she shows enjoyment in creating fire creatures.[5] At times, when fellow Fire Soldiers tease Maki by calling her names, she mistakenly hears people call her a "gorilla", which she gets furious about. Maki is very reluctant to hurt other people, a reason which led to her defection from the Tokyo Army, despite her father's wishes.[6]

Abilities Edit

She was noted to be exceptionally skilled in combat several times, and was characterised as a Witch (魔女, Majo) by Takehisa. She is also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as evident with her being able to easily disarm Arthur, even though he was wielding a sword at the time. Previously a soldier in the Tokyo Military, Maki is an experienced fighter and is very capable of dealing with multiple opponents at the same time.

Second Generation Edit

Maki's Second Gen Ability

Maki's Second Generation abilities.

Maki is a Second Generation, who has adapted to the phenomenon and was granted the ability to manipulate and control flames. Maki can handle herself against two Third Generations, being able to extinguish and absorb their generated flames into a giant fireball. Maki's abilities provide defence for her entire team, as she can reflect incoming fire attacks and use an opponent's flames against them.

Background Edit

Like her Lieutenant father, Maki joined the Tokyo Army, where she became a Private and served her service under Sergeant Takehisa in Year 195. During her time enrolled, she worked harder than normal soldiers and went through training that was far beyond that which was required of her.[7] Deciding that she would rather save people than fight against them, she left the army against her father's wishes and joined the Special Fire Force.[8]

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Maki, alongside the rest of the 8th Special Fire Brigade, arrives to save the train station from a Flame Human, where she helps Akitaru Ōbi face the threat by putting out a fireball, launched by the enemy. Later, at the headquarters, she takes a shower with Iris, where she asks how was it when Shinra carried the girl like a bride. In the meeting room, she is present when Akitaru delivers a speech on the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. Later that night, Maki notifies Shinra about an incident in a factory and tells him to get ready, taking him to the brigade's Special Armoured Fire Engine. When the brigade arrives, Maki manipulates the flames out of the team's way. She later helps Akitaru fight the threat, by keeping the flames at bay so that the two wouldn't get burned. After the mission, she was happy to see Shinra with a happy smile.

Maki vs 3rd Gens

Maki fighting Arthur and Shinra.

On the roof, Maki displays her abilities to Iris by creating a fireball, but the conversation between the two is cut short when a fight between Arthur and Shinra breaks out in front of them. The former unsheathes his blade-less sword, which makes Maki question his choice of weapon, but the girl's attention is diverted when Arthur suggests the two girls being princesses. When Takehisa arrives to see who's behind all the ruckus, he pours a glass of water on Maki's fireball and scolds her for playing with fire, making her upset. Takehisa then orders the girl to fight both Shinra and Arthur. Maki uses her abilities to put out the flames on Shinra's feet, easily defeating him, however, she fails to do so with Arthur's Excalibur. She resorts to using her martial arts skills and kicks the boy with her knee, straight at his face, which forces Arthur to insult Maki. In a fit of rage, Maki creates a huge fireball out of the flames of both Arthur's sword and Shinra's feet, ending the battle in her victory. Afterwards, much to the girl's dismay, Takehisa extinguishes the fireball creature.

Pusupusu Comet

Maki attacking Setsuo.

When a Flame Human is spotted in the Iriya District, Maki moves out, where she looks upon a gigantic flame, coming from Mikako's apartment, and informs her allies that the fire is not her doing, much to the confusion of others. The brigade then storms the building, but, when Arthur impales the man with his weapon, the ceiling starts to collapse, but the team manages to escape unscathed. During Arthur and Shinra's participation in the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, Maki accompanies the two, where she gets fascinated by 119. When Arthur falls to his death, Maki helps to soften his fall with a blanket. The following day, she tells Arthur and Shinra to rescue a dog stuck in a tree. Maki later informs Akitaru that a Flame Human has appeared at the courthouse. Moving out with her brigade to dispose of the threat, she apologises to Shinra and Arthur for being the one responsible for getting the two scolded. At the courthouse, she saves an innocent girl from Setsuo's flames and returns his attack in the form of Pusu Pusu Comet☆, but to no avail.

When the brigade catches up to Shinra, Maki and the rest find themselves in a confrontation with the 5th Special Fire Brigade. Tōru mocks Akitaru, which leads to Shinra and Arthur jumping in, but Maki and Takehisa detain the two. She then delivers a corkscrew punch to Tōru. A stand-off between the brigades is then catalyzed, but the two depart without any signs of struggle.

VS. 5th Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Angels Defeated

Maki and Takehisa defeat the angels of the 5th.

The next day, she is seen training with her fellow Fire Soldiers. Later, when the 8th Special Fire Brigade infiltrates the 5th Special Fire Fighting Industrial Complex, Maki and Takehisa find themselves assaulted by Tōru, but, with their combined strength, the two succeed in winning the fight. Afterwards, the 3 Angels of the 5th confront them and use their Ignition Ability to attempt to take the pair down, but Maki prevails with a heavy punch to the Angels. She and Takehisa then decide to search for any documents that the 5th may be hiding about the phenomenon, and hope Shinra is safe.

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Maki is seen with her fellow company members. Hibana entertains her and Iris.The female members borrow the men's shower. In the shower Maki tells Hibana and Iris it must be nice to have flexible and girly bodies. Hibana compliments her and tells her that her company could learn from her. The girls get yelled at by Takeshina. Maki and the girls don't want Shinra being kicked out of the company.

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

References Edit

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