Maki vs. Flail
Chapter 69
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Chapter Info
Japanese マキvs.フレィル
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 69
Pages 18
No new characters
Meteor Strike

Maki vs. Flail (マキvs.フレィル, Maki vs. Fureiru) is the sixty-ninth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Maki stands alone, confronted by Flail and a gang of White Hood grunts. Going in for the attack, a White Hood uses a Third Generation ability to sling fire toward Maki, with her effortlessly deflecting it. The rest of the grunts do the same, though to no avail, shocked to see her ability as a Second Generation. Adapting to the situation, they start throwing sharp discs, hidedn within the flames that they were originally slinging. Peer pressured, she gathers her Iron Owls together and blocks the incoming attacks. There's a moment of silence as the attacks suddenly stop. Without noticing, Maki fires off a projectile, directly hitting a White Hood in the face and knocking them out. She then uses her Iron Owls offensively, smashing them against the White Hoods; all the while beating them up with her bare hands. Realizing his underestimation, Flail whips out his fiery flail in order to attack Maki, smashing the large object around. Despite this, Maki prevails, stopping his attacks and successfully landing direct hits. Elsewhere, Hinawa is seen walking a shroud of mist, surrounded by various bodies, while Tamaki and Iris stand against the powerful Assault. Shinra, alone, is still looking for everyone, and Vulcan and Akitaru are confronted by none other than Lisa and Giovanni.

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