Preacher Edit
Character Info
Kanji 伝道者
Romaji Dendōsha
Status Active
Professional Status
Affiliation Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Manga Before the Fight to the Death

The Preacher (伝道者, Dendōsha) is the overall leader and overseer of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order.

Appearance Edit

The Preacher is a large figure in a hooded white robe that hides the majority of their facial features. Strangely, the Preacher seems to have two horns at the top of their head, making their hood stick out, giving them a devilish appearance. The symbol of the Sun God around its neck and a sun-like structure appears to float behind it.

Abilities Edit

The majority of the Preacher's abilities are unknown, though they are known to acquire the Adolla Link. Those who possess also Adolla Link are capable of forging a connection with the Preacher receive something called Divine Protection. When under Divine Protection, people gain access to strange abilities that are referred to as Fourth Generation. If other users of the Adolla Link manages to forge a connection with somebody under Divine Protection, they also gain a Fourth Generation ability. However, The Preacher seems to be able to rescind its Protection.

Background Edit

For over 12 years[1], the Preacher has been kidnapping children and testing to see if they were compatible with the flames and acquired the Adolla Burst. Not much is known about the Preacher, only that they want to turn humans into Flame Humans and potentially set ablaze the whole world.[2] According to Dr. Giovanni, The Preacher has knowledge about Spontaneous Human Combustion, the Adolla Burst, the Bugs and the Great Disaster that brought ruin to the world.

Plot Edit

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Shortly after trainees from the 2nd5th and 8th Brigades settle into the 1st Special Fire Fighting Cathedral, an agent of the Preacher contacts it via a phone to reassure it that artificial Infernals are being created at a steady rate.[3]

Netherworld arc Edit

While Shinra Kusakabe and Shō Kusakabe fought against each other, Shinra begins to feel the Adolla Link connection between him and his brother. This leads to them both being brought into another world, Hell, and Shinra witnessing the Preacher standing eerily behind Shō. The Preacher doesn't speak a word- and instead just hovers over Shō, as the young swordsman states both his and Shinra's Adora Link is connected to the Preacher.

References Edit

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