Race Edit
Character Info
Kanji レス
Romaji Resu
Alias 1 (1, ワン, Wan)
Status Active
Professional Status
Affiliation The Fire Defense Agency
Occupation Mascot
Manga Rookie Fire Soldier Games

Race (レス, Resu) is one of the three mascots of The Fire Defense Agency's 119.

Appearance Edit

Race is a dog with a bipedal structure, a large nose, long black ears and its tongue pointing outwards. It wears a black collar along its neck with a few dots on it, an attire with a horizontal stripe going along the sleeves and torso, as well as a vertical stripe going down the middle. It also wears a large hat with the number "1" on it.

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Race appears alongside its fellow mascots — Mamoru and Q — at the Rookie Fire Soldier Games.