The Reason We Fight
Chapter 43
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Chapter Info
Japanese 戦う理由
Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 43
Pages 19
Release Info
Japan August 10, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

The Reason We Fight (戦う理由, Tatakai-u Riyū) is the forty-third chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Plot Edit

As Benimaru prepares his final attack, Konro shouts at him to stop fighting. Despite this, Benimaru swings his arm to direct the attack at Akitaru, but Konro grabs his arm, and in effect, is burned by Benimaru's flames, worrying the 7th Commander. Konro is treated by a cooling jacket, and Benimaru tells the 8th to stay away from them. Akitaru and Takehisa begin to explain themselves, but Shinra says that he heard a different story from them both, causing confusion amongst everyone. A shop owner comes and confesses that Akitaru and Takehisa were at his shop at the time of the attack, and so it couldn't have been them. Konro begins heavily coughing, and Benimaru put him to rest inside, saying he'll let this situation slide since Konro is willing to. Shinra sits beside Konro, asking him of how he gained his wounds, to which he begins explaining his past. Two years ago when the 7th wasn't yet formed, a large outburst of Flame Humans attacked Asakusa. Protecting the district, Benimaru and Konro fought against them, becoming extremely fatigued from overusing their Third Generation abilities. Soon, while they were alone looking for a Flame Human, they were confronted by some sort of demonic Flame Human, which Konro sensed was extremely dangerous, and so he hit Benimau into a structure so that he wouldn't be harmed by the demon.</section end=summary/> A day later, Benimaru awoke to find a heavily damaged Konro sitting down beside some rubble. He defeated the monster, but as a result gained Ash Disease. Benimaru exerts his anger at Konro for not letting him fight, but Konro states that Benimaru is the one who must protect Asakusa, and so cannot die.

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