Rekka Hoshimiya Edit
Character Info
Kanji 烈火星宮 (レッカ・ホシミヤ)
Romaji Rekka Hoshimiya
Gender Male   Male
Status Deceased
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation 1st Special Fire Brigade
Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Occupation Priest
Rank Company Commander
Manga Where the Inferno is Born

Star Fist Punch



Rekka Hoshimiya (烈火星宮, Rekka Hoshimiya) was a Third Generation Company Commander of Special Fire Force Company 1, though he was secretly working for the Preacher in the Ash Flame Chivalric Order, using the Bug to create artificial Infernals and find people with the Adolla Burst.

Appearance Edit

Rekka's Full Appearance

Rekka's full appearance.

Rekka was a young man with short, spiky dark-coloured hair that fell just above his eyes, bushy eyebrows and dark iris' with star-shaped pupils. Rekka's outfit consisted of a dark-coloured cassock, topped by a light overcoat-like garment with a high collar and a skirt-like garment, dark shoes and a pendant with a cross-like symbol as a charm — an outfit, which is shared amongst the Company Commanders of the 1st. He usually carried an ecstatic facial expression, along with his demeanour. Rekka's eyes were sometimes depicted as being traditionally shaped stars; such times as when he was fighting, angry or excited.[1]

Personality Edit

Rekka getting fired up

Rekka getting fired up.

In contrast to the other 1st Brigade Captains, Rekka was an eccentric and very enthusiastic individual. Always confident and expressive in his speech, it led to Tamaki to look up to him and gain feelings towards him.[2] He abode by the etiquette of the 1st Special Fire Brigade and had shown to have a welcoming presence. Rekka had great determination and was passionate about fighting, often stating he was getting "fired up", and during which he didn't hesitate to praise people whom he found deeming to be praised.[3] He was admired by Tamaki Kotatsu for his strange, yet hot-blooded attitude.[4]

Despite these qualities, however, Rekka had a dark, malicious and manipulative side to him; he showed no remorse for his actions, which involved him turning innocent people into Infernals using artificial means and killing them immediately afterwards, showing a passion for violence. Rekka had an obsessive complex with him trying to find somebody compatible with the flames and his research into the phenomenon. In contrast to the other Priests, Rekka acted savagely and didn't have high moral standards when it came to other people, as he was shown to carelessly harm them in various ways.

Rekka burning his arms

Rekka burning his own arms for the sake of his goal.

Rekka showed qualities of near madness and almost a fanatical approach to finding a "host" for the Adolla Burst, not hesitating whatsoever at the thought of using innocent children as test subjects, to which if they failed he would then effortlessly kill. Usually doing this all with a smile on his face and a zeal for getting what he wants at no cost, Rekka was so infused whilst fighting against Shinra that he risked burning his own arms and Overheating. Rekka also had a baby-like complex in that when Tamaki was against him turning people into Infernals, he felt so distrusted that he ended up beating her up, similar to how a baby would wild out if they didn't get what they want.

Abilities Edit

Star Fist Thrust

Rekka using Star Fist Punch.

Rekka is a Third Generation, who has gained the ability to generate flames through his arms. He has great physical strength, being able to suffocate Tamaki, to the point of her losing consciousness, or kill an Infernal with a single punch.[5] Rekka also has great reflexes, being able to dodge a myriad of Ignition Ability made missiles with ease. His Ignition Ability, named Star Fist Punch, mixed in with his proficiency in karate, allows him to land more powerful punches on his targets, by using the flames to launch his fist forward. Using the same motion, Rekka can also launch his flames forward from his fist if the target is out of reach.[6]

Plot Edit

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Takeru pitted against Rekka

Rekka faces Takeru in training.

After the scuffle between Special Fire Force Company 5 and Special Fire Force Company 8, Rekka alongside Karim Fulham and Foien Li, are approached by Leonardo Burns and together they discuss the event. Later, when trainees from the 2nd, 5th and 8th Brigades arrive at the 1st Special Fire Fighting Cathedral and their training regiment begins, Rekka is pitted against Takeru Noto, who astonishes Rekka by his raw power as a Third Generation. Takeru launches a myriad of missiles at him, but Rekka evades the attack, forcing Karim to freeze the missiles. Afterwards, Rekka makes a phone call in a phone booth and informs a person that the creation of artificial Internals will not be delayed. Later, when an Infernal was spotted in the Shinjuku District, Rekka takes lead of one the squads. During the mission, Rekka uses a bug on a man, before regrouping with Karim and being approached by Shinra and Arthur.

Sometime later, he thanks Tamaki for assembling people to an abandoned building, where he claims to know of a prayer that can protect people from succumbing to the phenomenon. After Tamaki insists witnessing the prayer even though Rekka tells her to go so he can concentrate on the prayer, he begins to hug and thank her, but ends up suffocating her until she collapses. Afterward, he turns to the children, saying he will test on them to discover who is compatible with the spark. He injects a mother trying to run away, and as she transforms into an Infernal, instantly kills her, as she wasn't compatible. While he attempts to inject a child with the Bug, Tamaki stands and slaps Rekka, saying how much she admired him, but Rekka arrogantly punches her to the ground, and suddenly bursts into a state of excitement, declaring he'll never give up creating artificial Infernals for his leader and finding the person compatible with the spark. He then grabs a small child and injects him with the Bug, and he begins transforming into an Infernal. As the child's transformation is halted and he falls to the ground safe, Rekka is ecstatic to find somebody compatible with the spark. He spots Tamaki using her ability as a distress signal, and begins kicking her violently, disappointed because he thought she was loyal.

Rekka vs Shinra

Rekka vs. Shinra.

As he readies his finishing blow, Shinra comes in from the skies and stomps Rekka in the face, saving Tamaki in the process. He quickly gets up and punches Shinra out of the way, shouting at him to not meddle with his plans. The two then engage in a battle of opposing Ignition Abilities and fight on an even level. As they break away from each other, the Bug inside Rekka's pocket begins to make strange noises, and he realises it is reacting to Shinra's flames, indicating he is compatible with the spark. Ecstatic that he's found the third person his leader is looking for, he begins talking about Adolla Burst. As he goes on to talk about how many children he has burned, Shinra becomes enraged and goes in for the attack, but is easily put down by Rekka's punches. After Shinra continuously falls to Rekka's fiery attacks, the two prepare to go all out and finish it once and for all. Rekka struggles to catch up with Shinra's mobility, and is struck in the face by a powerful kick. As Rekka lays on the floor enraged, Shinra demands him to stop, but Rekka endures the pain and slowly stands, all the while expressing his passion of converting humans into Infernals, worshipping the Sun God, and eventually turning the planet into a "second sun".

Rekka Killed

Rekka killed by Arrow.

As Tamaki attempts to evacuate the children, Rekka begins attacking them in hope of disguising their deaths as a fire incident and bringing the children to his preacher. Out of control, Rekka begins to burn his own arms due to the excessive use of his ability, but soon finds his arms capsulized in a pillar of ice. Looking behind him, he sees Karim standing, and tells him not to interfere, and tries to use his ability to melt the ice, though it just freezes him more until his entire body is subdued, though he left air bubbles for Rekkka to breathe, intending for him to stay alive. Immediately after, Arrow uses her Ignition Ability to create a flaming arrow, and fires it straight through Rekka's chest, resulting in his death.

Trivia Edit

  • "Rekka" (烈火) means "raging fire" in Japanese, relating to his ability as a Third Generation, and "Hoshimiya" (星宮) can be translated as "star shrine", referring to his star-shaped pupils.
  • Due to the meaning in his name, star-shaped pupils, extremely outgoing personality and preference for close quarter/hand-to-hand combat, Rekka is quite reminiscent of members of the Hoshi Family and it's branch families, the Star Clan and the Hoshino Family from Atsushi Ōkubo's earlier series, Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT!.

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