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Sōichirō Arg Edit
Sōichirō Arg
Character Info
Kanji 蒼一郎アーグ (ソウイチロウ・アーグ)
Romaji Sōichirō Āgu
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Professional Status
Affiliation 4th Special Fire Brigade
Rank Battalion Commander
Manga Heroes Assemble

Sōichirō Arg (蒼一郎アーグ, Sōichirō Āgu) is the Battalion Commander of Special Fire Force Company 4.

Appearance Edit

Sōichirō is an elderly looking man with short light coloured hair and three scars across his face. He wears glasses over his squinted eyes, and while on duty, wears bunker gear.

Background Edit

As a member the Fire Defense Agency, he rose up the ranks of the organisation before becoming a member of Special Fire Force Company 4. After receiving three scars across his face, he was noted to have changed.[1]

Following the mass outbreak of Spontaneous Human Combustion within Asakusa in Year 196, Sōichirō's 4th Brigade arrived to aid the civilians and to search for any remaining Flame People that might still pose a threat. While his subordinates scoured to the area, Sōichirō approached the exhausted Benimaru Shinmon and Konro. The ageing commander informed the pair of peacekeepers that </span>Raffles III had formally decreed that their group would become the foundation of the Special Fire Force Company 7. Despite Benimaru's objection and Konro's hesitance, Sōichirō calmly explains the many befits of this change, stating that he saw no reason to refuse for the pair to refuse. As he leaves he leaves, Sōichirō expresses that the powerful duo joining the Special Brigades would put his heart at ease.

Plot Edit

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

Sōichirō, alongside the seven Battalion Commanders and Fire Officers of the Special Fire Forces, attends a meeting with Raffles III, where Adolla Burst and the issues involving Spontaneous Human Combustion is brought up.

VS. Special Fire Force Company 4 arc Edit

Upon Shinra Kusakabe coming to Sōichirō's office to ask him questions, Sōichirō requests that Shinra immolates him.

References Edit

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