Saeko Edit
Character Info
Kanji サエコ
Romaji Saeko
Gender Female   Female
Status Deceased
  • Unnamed Husband
Technical Info
Type First Generation
Manga First Run

Saeko (サエコ, Saeko) was the wife of a factory manager. She was infected by the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon, turning her into a Flame Human.[1]

Appearance Edit

As a Flame Human, Saeko kept most of her feminine appearance. She had flowing hair that's formed by flames and black charcoal-like skin. The rest of her body is enveloped in flames. She has no mouth and solid-coloured eyes with black sclera. She was also of lean figure.

Personality Edit

As a Flame Human, Saeko showed peculiar intelligence. As usual to Flame Humans, she was driven by rampage and chaos, and burned everything in sight. She was protective of the Kawaguchi Metal Fittings Corporation, quite possibly due to her husband's affiliation with the building. In battle, she was very cautious of her surroundings.

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Shinra Strikes Saeko

Saeko defeated by Shinra.

Saeko, as a Flame Human, goes berserk in her husband's workplace, forcing the 8th Special Fire Brigade to arrive at the scene, in order to rescue the employees inside. Sneaking up behind Shinra, she absorbs the flames around her and strikes the boy, blowing him away and leaving him unconscious. As Shinra regains awareness, Saeko rushes towards the brigade. She is stopped by Akitaru, with Maki blasting away the flames to prevent her team-mate from getting burnt. The man then uses his weapon, aiming to impale the being's core, but Saeko hits the weapon out of the man's hands, forcing the brigade to separate to safety. As Shinra recalls his past and the promise to his mother, he charges towards Saeko with a blazing kick, successfully impaling her core, thus sending the woman's soul away into the raging flames.

References Edit

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