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Wine Cups
Chapter 51
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Arc Asakusa arc
Chapter 51
Pages 21
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Japan October 12, 2016
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Wine Cups (盃, Sakazuki) is the fifty-first chapter of the Fire Force manga series and the final chapter of the Asakusa arc.

Plot Edit

The morning after the battle against the White Hood, Company 7 have almost completely repaired the damage to the town. Hinawa and Maki inform Akitaru that the building they were intending to investigate was destroyed during the conflict. Akitaru believes that this was deliberately done to hide evidence.

In the base of Knights of Ashen Flame, the commanding officer is informed of Haran's transformation and death. Additionally, they tell him that an officer in Company 8 for has the Adolla Burst. In response to this, Commander Shō Kusakabe promises to handle the next situation that involves Shinra.

Meanwhile, Benimaru and Akitaru exchange sake cups: forging a bond of brotherhood between Company 7 and Company 8. As a result of the alcohol, Bennimaru begins to smile innocently and uncontrollable. Much to the delight of his underlings and (ironically) Shinra, as he is still irritable and rude despite his facial expression. After being thanked for protecting Benimaru, Shinra thinks to himself about the nature of his Adolla Link, deciding to Hibana to explain it to him.

Returning home, Sister Iris rushes towards her allies and alerts them to the new solider that has joined Company 8 despite Akitaru not requested or approving this. They find Captain Hibana questioning this new officers motives and place in the group. Brushing aside her complaints, Victor Licht salutes his new colleagues and introduces himself as Company 8's scenic officer. Unbeknownst to everyone, this latest addition to the group is a long-standing ally to the criminal Joker.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this chapter, "盃" (sake cup), is a ritual in Japan of exchanging sake cups to pledge loyalty to each other, signifying the 7th and 8th's reconciliation.

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