Seeking the Truth
Chapter 08
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Chapter Info
Japanese 真実を求めて
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 08
Pages 18
Volume Hero or Devil
Release Info
Japan November 18, 2015
HibanaShinra Kusakabe
No new techniques

Seeking the Truth (真実を求めて, Shinjitsu o Motomete) is the eighth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

As Joker leaves, Shinra picks up the two unconscious brigade members and orders Arthur to cut through the ceiling, so that the group could escape through the roof. The officer unwillingly acts upon the demand and, with the help of Tamaki's ability, opens a hole in the ceiling. Shinra then uses his Ignition Ability to jet himself up, with the two other Fire Officers grabbing onto him and, as the group escapes, the room of the building explodes. Arthur and Tamaki fail to grasp Shinra for much longer and let go of him. Leonardo Burns appears out of nowhere and uses his Ignition Ability to catch Tamaki. He looks down as he sees Akitaru and the other members of the 8th Special Fire Brigade, using a blanket to secure the safety of their falling comrade, Arthur. Meanwhile, Gustav Honda saves his brigade's newest recruit from danger as well, with his ability. After safety is secured, Leonardo walks towards Shinra and thanks him for saving Tamaki as Akitaru pats the boy on his back for the job well done. Then, Leonardo demands a brief explanation of the incident inside, but Shinra mentions that he believes that Special Fire Brigades are hiding something from him, which leads to Akitaru telling him that he'll inform the boy how the 8th Brigade came to be.

Trivia Edit

  • Leonardo's eye-patch was missing in several panels while he was using his Ignition Ability. This was later fixed in the volume Hero or Devil.

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