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Shō Kusakabe Edit
Shō Kusakabe
Character Info
Kanji 象日下部 (ショウ・クサカベ)
Romaji Shō Kusakabe
Gender Male   Male
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Age 13[1]
Professional Status
Affiliation Ash Flame Chivalric Order
Rank Leader
Manga Boy Knight

Shō Kusakabe (象日下部, Shō Kusakabe) is a Third Generation, who is the leader of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order (灰焔騎士団, Kaien Kishidan).

Appearance Edit

Shō's Appearance

Shō's appearance.

Shō is a young teenager with large crimson red eyes and light silver spiky hair that falls in front of his face.[2] He dons a white cloak, white gloves, a dark jumper with white patches, creating a cross symbol, and light trousers.


Shō is a Third Generation, who can ignite, control and utilise flames in the form of feathers. He is highly proficient in swordsmanship shown when using his Ignition Ability in conjunction with his katana, Shō is capable of defeating Shinra, Arthur Boyle, and the Battalion Commander Hibana with a single strike each. Though the nature of his ignition ability is unspecified, Joker has described it to being similar to super speed.[3] Like his brother, Shō has the rare ignition ability Adora Burst.[4]

Background Edit

In Year 186, Shō's family house caught fire, which led to the assumption that he was burned and killed alongside his mother, when no traces of his body were found.[5] In reality, the preacher's organisation kidnapped Shō, leading him to be raised amongst the Ash Flame Chivalric Order and become their leader.

Plot Edit

Preacher Pursuit arc Edit

Shō is seen in his headquarters along with the Ash Flame Chivalric Order.

Asakusa arc Edit

When the White Hoods return from their attack on Asakusa, Arrow informs Shō on Haran's death and becoming of a Demon, as well as somebody in the 8th acquiring the Adora Burst and Adora Link, to which Shō states that this is highly desired by the Preacher. He then says that he will go next time, drawing his sword.

Vulcan's Workshop arc Edit

Shō Subdues Shinra

Shō subdues Shinra.

Shō and Arrow later arrive at Vulcan's Workshop, where they spot Shinra attacking Giovanni. As the brothers look at one-another, Shō is confused as Shinra says they're brothers. As Shinra talks to Arthur about their reunion, Shō immediately approaches and attacks Shinra, before telling him that he must come back with his group. As Arthur pulls out his sword, Shō slashes him, followed by subduing Hibana. He then orders his men to capture Shinra, and kill the others. As he gives the command, Vulcan's Workshop explodes, and amongst the flames, a pickup truck emerges and carries out the wounded. While the truck attempts to flee the scene, Shō appears in-front of it and prepares to attack, before he himself is attacked by Joker. After the two exchange words, Shō attempts to slice the man, but to no avail. Seeing as the truck had escaped, Joker retreats, before Shō regroups with the other White Hoods.

Trivia Edit

  • His first name, "Shō" (象), means phenomenon.

References Edit

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