Shinra vs. Burns
Chapter 24
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Chapter Info
Japanese シンラvs.バーンズ
Arc VS. Special Fire Force Company 1 arc
Chapter 24
Pages 18
Volume The Hero and The Princess
Release Info
Japan March 23, 2016
No new characters
No new techniques

Shinra vs. Burns (シンラvs.バーンズ, Shinra vs. Bānzu) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

As Shinra and Burns are about to face off against each other, Arthur interrupts, desiring to fight against the Battalion Commander first. He thrusts forward with Excalibur in-hand, shouting with passion, but treads backwards, intimidated by the sight of Leonardo lifting his arm. A bold Arthur steps in again and strikes Leonardo with his plasma-sword, only for him to stop Excalibur, and push Arthur away from him, surprising everybody. Without hesitation, Shinra leaps into the air, pitying Arthur for failing so easily, and charges in recklessly. As Shinra deals many fiery blows to him, eager to get information out of the Commander about the incident from 12 years ago, Leonardo effortlessly blocks and redirects his kicks. After Shinra deals a heavy blow to Leonardo's chest, Burns questions the boy on his reason for joining a Special Fire Brigade. After explaining, Leonardo, tempered and unnerving, tells the boy he still has a long journey to go, and swiftly launches him backward. Seemingly relaxed and with the battle regiment over, Leonardo invites the newcomers to reside at the 1st, though Shinra becomes mad at himself for not being a match against Leonardo. Tamaki steps in and accidentally trips on one of her "lucky lewd" accidents, but Rekka manages to catch her. Tamaki gets down and rambles at the newcomers of the 8th. Shinra starts to think about Leonardo's words to him, still being far from becoming a hero. Karim takes it upon himself to take care of the 8th while they reside at the Cathedral. A little while later on at an unknown location, a shadowed figure wearing the same robe as the Priests of the 1st is seen talking to an unknown caller in a telephone box, confirming that their operation is going smoothly but the 8th are likely to interfere. Soon after, the person begins walking, and the three priests are seen together, talking about the newcomers showing some promise, with one of them thinking that if the newcomers were to intrude, they would have to be killed.

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