Sparks of Truth


Volume 5

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Volume Info
Kanji 炎炎ノ消防隊 05
Romaji En En no Shōbōtai 05
Japanese ISBN 978-4063957778
English ISBN 978-1632364326
Pages 192 (JP)
200 (EN)
Release Dates
Japan October 17, 2016
North America August 22, 2017
United Kingdom August 24, 2017
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Sparks of Truth (炎炎ノ消防隊 05) is the fifth volume of the Fire Force manga series, written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo.


Shinra has learned that his brother is not only alive, he’s working for the enemy! Will Company 8’s strong sense of justice turn Shinra against his own family? Learn the story of how Company 8 was formed and follow their exploits as they confront the unconventional Company 7 in their quest to find the Evangelist.

Chapters Edit

Reception Edit

  • In its first week of sales, Volume 5 ranked 13th place on the official Oricon manga rankings chart, and has sold an estimated amount of 58,645 copies.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The Japanese volume also included an official character profile for Takehisa Hinawa revealing personal information about him such as his height, weight and favourite food.
  • The English volume contained the interview between famous mangaka Hiro Mashima, author of Fairy Tail, and Atsushi Ohkubo.

References Edit


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