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Special Fire Force Company 3
3rd Brigade flashback
Kanji 第3特殊消防隊
Rōmaji Dai 3 Tokushu Shōbōtai
Professional Status
Affiliation Haijima Industries
Status Active
Manga The Origins of Fire Force Company 8 — Part Two

The Special Fire Force Company 3 (第3特殊消防隊, Dai 3 Tokushu Shōbōtai) is a Special Fire Force in Tokyo that is heavily influenced by Haijima Industries.

History Edit

By Year 196, Company 3 had developed an internal scoring system for killing Infernals based on the missions difficulty. While on a mission to put two Infernals to rest, a commanding officer belittles a firefighter and focuses on the more active infernal while leaving the pacifistic Infernal to suffer. While Company 3 conduct their hunt, Akitaru Ōbi and Takehisa Hinawa put the peaceful Infernal to rest. This incident incident leads to the foundation of Special Fore Force Company 8.

The Company attends the Rookie Fire Soldier Games in Year 198, where new Fire Soldiers participate in the simulation competition. The brigade later confronts a giant Flame Human and Captain Giovanni attends a meeting of Fire Force captains.

Some time later, Giovanni meets with Vulcan at his workshop. After their talk, Giovanni orders two of his officers to the building attack to obtain the Key to Amaterasu. His men dress as members of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order and lay siege to the workshop. This brings Giovanni and his men into conflict with members of Company 8 and Captain Hibana of Company 5. Following their escape, Shinra informs Akitaru that Giovanni is a traitor and a member of the Ashen Order. In the aftermath of his discovery, Giovanni flees to join with the Order and many members of Company 3 leave with him. Imply they were all agents of the Preacher.

To cover up these events, the Haijima arranges a press conference claiming that the Giovanni who attack Vulcan's family was an impostor. Due to Haijima backing the Company, there is no way for the government to investigate how deep the corruption runs with Company 3. However, Vulcan claims that the unmasked captain at the conference is not the real Giovanni.