Sumire Edit
Character Info
Kanji スミレ
Romaji Sumire
Alias Sister Sumire (シスター・スミレ, Shisutā Sumire)
Gender Female   Female
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation The Holy Sol Temple
Occupation Sister
Manga The Flower of Promise

Sumire (スミレ, Sumire) was a sister from the The Holy Sol Temple, who was killed by the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon.

Appearance Edit

Sumire was an older woman who attended The Holy Sol Temple, where she wore a habit, which consisted of a tunic, covered by a scapular, and a veil, dark shoes and a pendant with a cross-like insignia as a charm.

Personality Edit

From what little seen of Sumire's personality, she was reluctant to allow Hibana to play with her prowess as a Third Generation, showing a cautious, but a compassionate side.

Background Edit

Sumire attended The Holy Sol Temple, where she took care of children such as Hibana and Iris. One day, when the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon struck the temple, her life, along with the lives of many other sisters attending the temple, was taken by the flames — an event that led to Hibana losing her faith.

Trivia Edit