Takeru Noto Edit
Takeru Noto
Character Info
Kanji 武能登 (タケル・ノト)
Romaji Takeru Noto
Alias Juggernaut (ジャガーノート, Jagānōto)
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Professional Status
Affiliation 2nd Special Fire Brigade
Rank Fire Officer (Second Class)
Manga Rookie Fire Soldier Games

Takeru Noto (武能登, Takeru Noto) is a Third Generation Second Class Fire Soldier of the 2nd Special Fire Brigade. Takeru received the nickname "Juggernaut" (ジャガーノート, Jagānōto), due to his family's business as potato farmers.[1]

Appearance Edit

Takeru in uniform

Takeru's casual attire.

Takeru is a tall young man with straight, cheek-length light-coloured hair and squinted eyes. His usual attire consists of a military uniform, which includes a buttoned-up grey-coloured jacket, trousers and dark boots. When on official, 2nd Special Fire Brigade, business, Takeru wears a dark cape and a hat, both of which have a cross-like insignia on them in the form of a button. He also wears bunker gear, which consists of a protective outer jacket, dark trousers and dark boots. Parts of his outfit are coated with blue lines. He also dons a helmet and protective gloves. Takeru's outfit contains patches with "2" on them, which signifies his affiliation to the 2nd Special Fire Brigade.

Personality Edit

Despite being a Fire Soldier, Takeru has pyrophobia, which causes him to panic at the thought and sight of fire; His fear is irrational enough for him to be afraid of being burnt by his own flames, despite having an immunity. Takeru's fear led him to join a Special Fire Brigade, as he thought that he would be safest among people who specialise in putting out fires.[2] According to his comrades from the 2nd Special Fire Brigade, Takeru, while having a huge body, possesses very little spirit.[3] He has shown to be very polite and, despite having potential, dislikes being praised for his ability as a Third Generation. Takeru dislikes any sort of confrontation.[4]

Abilities Edit

Takeru Bombardo

Takeru's Ignition Ability.

Takeru is a Third Generation, who was granted the ability to produce flames in the form of missiles, which can be launched in a single line and are strong enough to shake buildings as large as the Haijima Industries, from both of his hands. Gustav Honda noted that the boy has a lot of destructive power as a Third Generation, but lacks control over his Ignition Ability.[5] This can also be attributed towards his fear of flames, including his own. He can create missiles in the air by making them spin. Rekka Hoshimiya praised Takeru for being exceptionally talented.[6]

Plot Edit

Introduction arc Edit

Takeru participates in the Rookie Fire Soldier Games alongside other new recruits from other Special Fire Brigades. When the simulation competition begins, he races towards the building. Stopping in the middle of the race, he begins panicking and uncontrollably bombards the building using his Ignition Ability. Later, when the top of the building explodes and bursts into flames, he dodges falling debris until Gustav rescues him from being crushed. The ordeal results in the cancellation of the tournament, leaving Takeru unable to compete.

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Takeru pitted against Rekka

Takeru pitted against Rekka.

While at the Special Fire Base 2, Gustav wishes Takeru good luck with the training alongside the Special Fire Force Company 1 and tells him not to slack off and fall behind the Company 5 and 8 recruits. Takeru later joins Tōru and the Fire Soldiers from the 8th to visit the 1st Special Fire Fighting Cathedral. In the training grounds, Takeru is matched against Rekka Hoshimiya, who is astonished by his raw power as a Third Generation. When Takeru attempts to attack Rekka, the Company Commander dodges the myriad of missiles, forcing Karim to step in and freeze the attack. Afterwards, he settles in with Arthur, Shinra and Tōru in the 1st Brigade's dormrooms, until their peace abruptly ends when Tamaki informs them of an Infernal sighting, ordering Takeru to join Rekka and his squad for the duration of the mission. Takeru and Tōru later attempt to distract Karim to allow Shinra and Arthur to search Karim's room in exchange for Tamaki's phone number. In the aftermath of Company 8's investigation, the training assignment is cancelled and the four recruits are sent back to their original Companies.

Fifth Pillar arc Edit

When Shinra is in danger of being captured by the White Hoods, Takeri and Tōru appear to save him.[7] The explosive duo manage to bombard the cultists with a combination of Tōru's Backdraft Bubblish Gum and Takeri's missiles to great effect. Allowing Shinra to pursue the mysterious Inka.

Trivia Edit

  • The kanji "武" can be translated as "military force", reflecting Takeru's affiliation to the heavily military-oriented 2nd Special Fire Brigade.
  • Takeru's nickname "Juggernaut" (ジャガーノート, Jagānōto) comes from the combination of the Japanese word for potatoes (じゃがいも, Jagaimo) with his last name Noto (ノト, Noto).

References Edit

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