Tamaki vs. Assault
Chapter 71
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Chapter Info
Japanese タマキvs.アサルト
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 71
Pages 18
No new characters
No new techniques

Tamaki vs. Assault (タマキvs.アサルト, Tamaki vs. Asaruto) is the seventy-first chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Assault fires his Crimson Barrett toward Tamaki, launching her high into the air, and due to her Lucky Lewd Syndrome, adjusts what part of clothing she has on in a sexual manner, distracting Assault's concentration. She falls onto Assault, breast in his hand, leaving him to try and struggle through a very awkward situation. But Tamaki being who she is, it only gets worse; her bum lands in his face as he tries to escape from a very lustful experience. Thinking back to his training, Assault is seen destroying his foes with his fiery powers, leaving them on the floor. Jonah walks by and is impressed by his abilities. Back to the situation, Tamaki now has her chest in Assault's face. Iris uses this great opportunity to bash Assault over the head with a metal pipe. Nearly unconcious, he lifts his head from the ground shouting "I won't let it end like this", but Tamaki and Iris double team on him and trample him to unconsciousness, giving a humorous cheer at the end. Tamaki is impressed with herself, claiming that Kusakabe doesn't need to protect her, but Iris puts her in a bad mood commenting on how Tamaki went about beating Assault, rightfully. The Sister hugs Tamaki's arm, saying that she counts on her, and they leave to find the others. Hinawa is then seen shrouded in a mist, with multiple silhouettes appearing before him. He comes out of the mist, in what seems to be a subway train station. As he continues to walk, he sees a light down a long hallway coming his way, brighter and brighter, it turns into an explosion as it hits the structures behind him. He falls to the ground, noticing that the right side of his brigade coat was burnt off, despite it being fire-resistant. He hides behind a pillar, carefully looking down the pitch black hallway. At the other end, Arrow is seen keeping a watchful eye on the 8th Captain. She shouts out the the man with the Adora Burst, referring to Shinra, should be with the White Hoods and not in the Special Fire Force, and Hinawa asks what it is they want with him. Arrow responds by telling him to die, and prepares a large fiery arrow heading his way; while Hinawa does the same and prepares his shotgun, beginning what seems to be a battle between two long-shooters.

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