Tatsu Edit
Character Info
Kanji たつ
Romaji Tatsu
Alias Nataku (ナタク)
Gender Male   Male
Status Active
Technical Info
Type Third Generation
Manga Infernal Bugs

Adolla Burst

Tatsu (たつ, Tatsu), also known by Nataku (ナタク, Nataku), is a citizen of Tokyo.

Appearance Edit

Tatsu is a young child with light-blonde, short wavy hair and light eyes with small black pupils. He dons a light a v-neck sweater, a black shirt, black trousers and black shoes. After his awakening, his pupils turn while and he wears a lightly-coloured uniform with a lengthy sleeve on his right arm, which completely obscuses his limb. His hair also seems to have lengthened somewhat since his first appearance, appearing as a small flame.

Personality Edit

Alike any other usual child, Tatsu was a straight-forward and kind individual. He showed bravery and willingness to stop Rekka Hoshimiya from turning innocent people into Infernals. Since this encounter, he has shown signs of Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder, hallucinating images of Rekka and reacting to his words.

Abilities Edit

After being bitten by a Bug, Tasu was transformed into a Third Generation. Using his Ignition Ability, he can ignite a claw from his right arm. He is also able to briefly forge an Adolla Link with Shinra.

Plot Edit

VS. 1st Special Fire Brigade arc Edit

Tatsu Survives Transformation

Tatsu becomes a Third Generation.

While walking with his friend, Tatsu was confronted by Tamaki Kotatsu in the streets and was carried off to an abandoned warehouse, being told that there was a way for children to be immune to the phenomenon, he followed. At the arrival, Nataku was frightened to see Rekka turn someone into a Infernal, and he himself, was bitten by the Bug, and began transformation into a Infernal. However, Tatsu seemed to be compatible with the flames and did not transform into a Infernal, simply passing out without injury. Before he can be taken by Rekka, he is protected by Shinra, Tamaki and the other members of Company 1 as they battle and defeat Rekka. After the ordeal, he was taken in by Haijima Industries.

Hajima Industries arc Edit

As Company 8 begin their investigation into Hajima, Kurono prepares Nataku for their third combat test against each other and refuses to let him go home. As Shinra only revealed his Adolla Brust during actual combat, the scientists study Nataku's reaction to danger. In responce to a hallucination of Rekka, Nataku unleases his flames but is ultimatly defeated. 

As Shinra and Licht walk through Hajima's complex, they are told Nataku is not kept within the facility. Shinra feels Nataku through the Adolla Link begging to go home, proving that he is there.