The Boy Knight
Chapter 34
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Chapter Info
Japanese 少年騎士
Arc Preacher Pursuit arc
Chapter 34
Pages 18
Volume Fire Bugs
Release Info
Japan June 8, 2016
Shō Kusakabe
No new techniques

The Boy Knight (少年騎士, Shōnen Kishi) is the thirty-fourth chapter of the En En no Shōbōtai manga series.

Summary Edit

Raffles III looks to Shinra, claiming the boy has Adora Burst, a pure flame that is rare among Third Generations. After explaining what it is, Giovanni suspects that the Preacher is looking for the Adora Burst, and so Shinra should be protected, but Shinra protests to this, claiming he can protect himself, to which Hibana agrees. After the conference ends, Giovanni confronts Hibana as he initially thought she would be on his side as they're both affiliated with Haijima. After stating she treats the 8th specially, she walks always dissatisfied, saying she'll send data on the giant Flame Humans. leaving Giovanni irritated. Later on, Akitaru and Tamaki return from their journey, and Iris questions Shinra's whereabouts as he's not at the Church, to which Akitaru states he'd went to buy some supplies. Shinra is then seen walking through an alley thinking about the Preacher, and is then confronted by Joker, startling him greatly. Shinra prepares for a fight, but Joker tells him to relax, and encourages the boy to keep chasing after the Preacher, as he'll find his little brother there too. Soon after, in a dark room lit with multiple candles and filled with people of White Hoods, a boy with a katana walks through the middle of them and sits, revealing himself to be Shō Kusakabe, the leader of the Ash Flame Chivalric Order organisation.

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