The Darkness of Illusion
Chapter 68
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Chapter Info
Japanese 迷いの闇
Arc Netherworld arc
Chapter 68
Pages 18
No new techniques

The Darkness of Illusion (迷いの闇, Mayoi no Yami) is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

What seems to be Hibana reaching out her arm and screaming for help, disappears into the pitch black hole known as the Netherworld. The 8th don't know whether to be worried or confused as to whether it was the same situation in Asakusa where it was an impersonation. Nonetheless, Akitaru states that there are for sure enemies within here, and to be on watchful guard, giving spirits to the 8th. Suddenly, a huge fog appears, which ends up separating each of the brigade members. Akitaru finds himself finally out of the fog, with Vulcan sitting down creating something with goggles on that allow him to see through the mist. Takehisa finds himself within the fog, confronted by an impersonation of his old friend. In a dark room with lit-candles spread out, Shō commands that Assault leaves to attack the intruders. Back within the mist, Iris is confronted by two different Tamaki's, each claiming to be the true one. It doesn't take long for one of them to trip, fall and lose all of their clothing, sadly proving that Tamaki to be the real one. As the fake Tamaki sneakily walks off, Tamaki and Iris stop dead in their tracks when they see a man stand before them, stating he is the one that will kill them. Falling beneath their original position, Maki, seemingly scared, sits alone atop of some boulders. Soon after, a few silhouettes walk by and spot her; and dressed in white, Maki shivers at the thought they may be ghosts, but come to realize it's just the White Hoods, to which she is weirdly relieved. Flail, over-estimating the Fire Soldier due to her gender, yells at one of his grunts to attack her, though is put to shame swiftly. That's when Maki pulls out her mechanical Iron Owls with Pusu Pusu and Mera Mera, ready for battle.

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