The Devil, The Knight, and The Witch

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Chapter Info
Japanese 悪魔と騎士と魔女
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 02
Pages 34
Volume Fire Walk with Me
Release Info
Japan October 7, 2015
English November 8, 2016
Arthur Boyle
Mera MeraPusu Pusu

The Devil, The Knight, and The Witch (悪魔と騎士と魔女, Akuma to Kishi to Majo) is the second chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Akitaru informs Shinra that a battle tournament will be held between the newcomers of all eight Special Fire Forces. Meanwhile, Arthur arrives at the Special Fire Cathedral 8. Shinra, looking forward to seeing the leader of the Special Fire Force Company 1 at the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, also the man who saved him in the past, bumps into Arthur while walking through the corridor. On the roof, Maki shows Iris how she can create sentient flames, but their conversation is cut short when a fight breaks out between Arthur and Shinra. The former unsheathes his bladeless sword, which causes Maki to question his weapon, to which the boy responds by introducing himself as the "Knight King" and calling the two girls "princesses". Shinra and Arthur start squabbling again, but it is cut short when Takehisa arrives to see what was behind all the ruckus, pouring water on Maki's fireball and telling her not to play with the flames. The commander orders Maki to spar with the two boys, with the girl asking the two not to underestimate her, quickly disposing of Shinra. Maki then attempts to extinguish Arthur's Excalibur, but fails. Using her combat skills, she makes the boy kneel before her, kicking him in the face with her knee, causing Arthur to insult Maki, which forces her to create a huge creature out of the flames of both Arthur's sword and Shinra's flames. After the battle, Shinra is baffled and thinks to himself that he needs to become stronger, so that he can protect people when the time calls for it. In the meantime, Takehisa extinguishes Maki's creature, much to her horror, and Akitaru, who has been lifting weights this whole time, ponders about how long it will take for Arthur to arrive.

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