The Devil and the Joker
Chapter 07
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Chapter Info
Japanese 悪魔とJOKER
Arc Introduction arc
Chapter 07
Pages 18
Volume Hero or Devil?
Release Info
Japan November 11, 2015
English February 7, 2017
No new characters
No new techniques

The Devil and the Joker (悪魔とJOKER, Akuma to Jōkā) is the seventh chapter of the Fire Force series.

Summary Edit

Shinra denies the possibility of his little brother being alive after the fire incident 12 years ago. Joker hints that the Special Fire Brigade itself may be hiding something from him about the incident, which Shinra takes as food for thought. The man attempts to lure Shinra into becoming a "Devil" to uncover the truth, instead of a "Hero" at the Fire Brigade. Despite this, Shinra thinks about the situation, remembering the fact of the matter is that Joker attacked the Fire Soldiers, which Shinra then goes in for the attack. Though none of the boy's kicks manage to connect, Joker compliments Shinra on his firepower. Arthur and Tamaki notice the explosions and begin walking towards them in interest. Arthur insists Tamaki to go first, and the girl turns the corner, only for her to get targeted by one of Joker's projectiles. Arthur quickly reacts and uses his Excalibur to slice it, keeping Tamaki from harm. Arthur, taking first sight at Joker, assumes him to be part of the simulation competition instead of the infiltrator he is. Shinra warns him, but Arthur stubbornly chooses to ignore him, and attacks the man, with Tamaki stepping in to help him. Joker uses an unknown explosive substance to distract the Fire Soldiers, allowing himself to get away from the predicament, after which, he provokes that Shinra will have to prove his heroism to everyone, as Joker pours out all of the unknown substance, surrounding the entire room. The man then leaves, with his last words being an invitation for Shinra to join him. Without hesitation, Shinra exclaims that everyone inside to escape, as the building bursts into flames.

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