The God of the Smithy
Chapter 53
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Japanese 鍛冶場の神様
Arc Vulcan's Workshop arc
Chapter 53
Pages 20
Release Info
Japan October 26, 2016
Lisa Isaribi
No new techniques

The God of the Smithy (鍛冶場の神様, Kajiba no Kami-sama) is the fifty-third chapter of the Fire Force manga series.

Summary Edit

Shinra asks who the boy is, and recalls the moment Shinra saved him from the sentient Flame Human, to which Shinra remembers. Yū then shouts out to his master, saying he gathered all the requested materials he'd asked for, and a man with tattoos and a ram-mask walks out exclaiming to Yū to call him Vulcan or little shit. Shinra and Arthur then shout at him, calling him the latter, and are hit by two soda cans each, to which Vulcan then turns and says he won't help the Special Fire Forces, and slams the door behind him. Shinra nearly gives up and walks off frustrated, but Yū stops him, and they all start conversing about Vulcan's straightforward and stubborn attitude, but despite this, he is incredible at his work, and for some reason, won't associate with Haijima or the fire brigades. Shinra says that the 8th are different to other fire brigades, and Yū eventually leads him into Vulcan's workshop. As Shinra walks in, he spots a machine with an arm holding cans, realizing he was being harassed by nothing more than a robot. As he analyzes it, he fails to notice another can being thrown at him from a distance. As he lay on the floor in pain, a girl walks up with a can in her hand. Shinra mistakes her for another robot, and touches her breasts, to which he is hit on the head.Yū then introduces her as Lisa, an assistant of Vulcan, and is put into a hold by Lisa for bringing in members of the fire brigade. Soon after, a loud engine blaring is heard, and everyone turns to see Vulcan riding atop of a machine, banging on it repeatedly like a drum, and eventually kicking it away, exclaiming that he finally got it to work. Shinra teases him for simply kicking the machine and saying the machine works, and Vulcan realises that the fire officers are in his workshop, throwing cans of tea at Shinra's feet. He throws another at Arthur, to which Arthur uses a tool to bat it away, but instead it bursts all over himself; Shinra calling him stupid, and Vulcan joking the fire officer had been extinguished. Suddenly, a door bell rings, and Lisa hints to Vulcan who it is without revealing the person's name. Vulcan puts on a shirt, and says he'll go alone, even though Lisa looks concerned about this. Shinra peeks through the peephole, and is shocked to see Dr. Giovanni.

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